Jet Aviation commits to Sustainable Aviation in first ever business aviation sustainability summit


Jet Aviation sustainability

Basel – 18 September 2020 -Jet Aviation confirms its ongoing commitment to sustainable aviation in the industry’s first ever (virtual) sustainability summit hosted earlier this week by the Business Aviation Coalition for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF Coalition).

The company was the first, exclusive provider of SAF in Switzerland through its pilot program during WEF2020. It continues to invest in sustainable solutions, recently delivering industry-leading weight values in its quietest ever VIP cabin interior.

Jet Aviation President and GAMA Chairman David Paddock joined a panel of industry and OEM leaders and U.S. government officials earlier this week in the first-of-its-kind Virtual 2020 Business Aviation Sustainability Summit on the importance of sustainability to the industry, and the significance of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in particular. Addressing questions to the panel on sustainability, technology, operations, infrastructure and alternative fuels, Paddock emphasized the need to invest in solutions for owners and operators and the importance of public-private partnerships in driving awareness, understanding, research and development.

“We intend to make SAF available when and wherever possible throughout the Jet Aviation global network,” said Paddock. “Further to our initiatives in Zurich during WEF, we offer a SAF blend to customers on an ongoing basis at our Van Nuys location and we continue to work with government officials, industry bodies and partners to help increase production and availability of SAF for our customers.”

“We are always looking for ways to adopt new technologies and develop innovative solutions. In our Completions business, we have invested considerably in research and development to improve our designs, including reducing fuel consumption through lighter weight cabins and lower power consumption, and are also exploring the use of sustainable materials. Similarly, we are constructing new buildings and adding new equipment to existing facilities with sustainability in mind, including incorporating solar panels, electric vehicles and recycling systems,” added Paddock.

Recent sustainable efforts introduced at Jet Aviation include new fume pipes and skylights (Basel), facilities built to LEED standards (Boston-Bedford, Burbank, Van Nuys and Palm Beach), as well as low flow water fixtures, a white roof and a heat-reducing tarmac (Palm Beach).