Jet Aviation Basel signs tenth Falcon 7X C-check agreement


Jet Aviation Basel Falcon 7X completion

Jet Aviation Basel recently signed an agreement with an undisclosed customer for a C-Check on a Falcon 7X. It will be Jet Aviation’s 10th Falcon 7X C-Check.

Jet Aviation completed its first Falcon 7X C-Check in April 2015.

The check will be performed in conjunction with a list of recent Service Bulletins (SBs). In addition, the interior will be refurbished and a new exterior paint will be applied.

“Jet Aviation works closely with the OEMs to ensure we have the necessary tooling and expertise for the various aircraft types, and we also continually strive to improve and optimize work flows to gain efficiencies and reduce ground time,” said Johannes Turzer, senior vice president and general manager of Jet Aviation’s maintenance centre in Basel.

“We’ve had the opportunity to complete 9 C-Checks on the Falcon 7X the past year and a half, which has really helped us hone our skills. By drawing on our experience gained through previous checks and modifications, successive customers benefit,” explained Fuster. “With the service bulletins for this upcoming 10th C-check, for example, our professional team of technicians has already performed 14 such modifications.”

Adrian Hollenbach, technical director & continued airworthiness manager for Planair Enterprises added: “We selected the Jet Aviation Basel maintenance centre to do our C-Check, because we knew they had considerable experience with this aircraft type. We clearly made the right choice, as we didn’t have any findings during the test flight and common problems were fixed quickly.”