Jet Aviation Basel to perform world’s first Falcon 7X C-check


Dassault Falcon 7X

A Dassault Falcon operator has asked Jet Aviation Basel to perform the world’s first ever due C-check on a Dassault Falcon 7X aircraft.

The aircraft is at the Jet Aviation Basel maintenance centre. Some 8,500 man-hours have been allocated to the C-check. The aircraft will be redelivered in mid-February.

Dassault says that C-checks must be performed on the Falcon 7X every eight years or 4,000 cycles. It is the largest maintenance event for the Falcon 7X,

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Fabien Fuster, director of Dassault Falcon maintenance at Jet Aviation Basel says: “Overhauls of this type require inspection of all the aircraft’s systems and structures, including the landing gear and the wing panels. To help keep downtime to a minimum, we have assigned over 40 fully qualified and highly competent technicians to ensure the highest safety and quality standards.”

Johannes Turzer, vice president and general manager of the Jet Aviation Basel maintenance centre adds: “As an authorised service centre for Dassault Falcon aircraft, we have been safeguarding the airworthiness of Dassault aircraft for nearly 40 years. The C-check is a significant maintenance milestone and being selected to conduct the world’s first due Falcon 7X C-check recognizes our customers’ trust in our ability to meet their maintenance requirements.”

The operator of the Falcon 7X is using this opportunity to have a complete cabin refurbishment and avionic upgrade at the same time as the C-Check.