Jet Aviation Basel prepares for Boeing 787 completions


Boeing 787 landing

Jet Aviation Basel will extend its range of services to include Boeing 787 completions and engineer training.
Boeing 787 landing

A Boeing 787 landing.

Jet Aviation’s facility in Basel, Switzerland will soon be able to carry out Boeing 787 VVIP interior completions, including designing interiors and training licensed engineers to maintain the aircraft at the facility.

The company has sent a team of Part 145 licensed engineers from its completions centre to receive EASA Part 66 B1/B2 type training on the B787 at Boeing’s facilities in Seattle. Jet Aviation will now apply for approval from the authorities to add the Boeing 787 to its capability list.

“Our engineers are working closely with Boeing 787 training personnel to gain experience and proficiency with the new revolutionary Boeing 787 aircraft,” said Ruedi Kraft, vice president, market development & completions sales for Jet Aviation Basel.

“The all-composite structures of the Boeing 787 present a unique set of requirements for interior completions,” said Neil Boyle, Jet Aviation Basel’s vice president and general manager of the completions centre.

Boyle added: “A major priority for us is to further our employees’ understanding of and training in advanced aviation technology to ensure we meet customer requirements and the highest business aviation standards. We have heavily invested in the new technologies of the Boeing 787 to master their impacts on the completions process for VVIP aircraft and will continue to devote resources to the ongoing professional development of our employees.”

Jet Aviation engineers have already completed an advanced structural repairs training course provided by Boeing for B787 aircraft.