Japan Coast Guard selects S76D


JCG selects S76D as replacement for tsunami damaged helicopters

Sikorsky S76DSikorsky and Mitsubishi
Corporation have announced a contract with the Japan Coast Guard (JCG) for four
S-76D helicopters, which will replace several JCG helicopters that were damaged
in the tsunami of 2011.

The Japan Coast Guard has
flown various legacy models of the Sikorsky S-76 helicopter for many years.

“The S-76 helicopter has
performed well for the Japan Coast Guard through the years, with the S-76C, S76C+
and S-76C++ models each delivering a consistently high standard of reliability
and safety that Sikorsky customers have come to expect,” said Christophe Nurit,
Sikorsky vice president of sales, Asia. “This legacy of dependability and
performance has served the Japan Coast Guard well in the demanding maritime and
shipboard environments in which it serves, and Sikorsky is proud to bring the
latest high-performing S-76 model to its fleet.”