Jet Aviation St Louis launches interior design app


The St Louis facility has launched an app so that customers can design their own jet interiors and exteriors.

                      Jet Aviation iDesign app
The St Louis facility has launched an app so that customers can design their own jet interiors and exteriors.

The app is available to download free from iTunes on the App Store, the iDesignJets app from Jet Aviation St. Louis enables customers to choose the colour, fabric, design themes and floor plans for the interiors of their jets, as well as designs and colours for the exterior.

The app currently applies to the Bombardier Challenger jets but will be expanded covering all the aircraft types that the St Louis facility is equiped to finish. The app currently works with iPads.

“We’ve just released this free app and we already have our first customer using it to design a new Challenger interior,” said Chuck Krugh, senior vice president and general manager, Jet Aviation St. Louis. “The app helps customers visualise what their finished jets will look like, and that’s an exciting capability as they begin the process of producing an aircraft customised to their own personal tastes and interests. The iDesignJets app is a valuable complement to our exacting process of designing and finishing customers’ jets.”

“The app allows customers to save several options for their designs,” Krugh said. “They can generate images and email them directly to us, which is a real time savings as we begin the design, installation and finishing process.”

The app can serve as a starting point for customers who have design inspirations not covered in the app’s options or for customers who own aircraft other than a Challenger. “Use the app to design some basic ideas and send them to us. Our sales reps and designers will work with you to produce an aircraft completely unique to your design choices and needs,” Krugh said.

“We’re already working on upgrades, including 360-degree interior and exterior views that will demonstrate the customers’ design selections from all angles,” Krugh said. “With those changes and the addition of more airframes to the app, customers will have an even wider range of choices. iDesignJets is another way Jet Aviation St. Louis can involve customers in the production of aircraft that meet all of their personal and business needs.