James Porter and Tarryn Boland-Porter join Knox House Trust


James Porter and Tarryn Boland-Porter

James Porter and Tarryn Boland-Porter have joined the marine and aviation division of Knox House Trust Limited (KHT), an Isle of Man trust and corporate service provider.

“I am pleased to welcome James and Tarryn to the team at Knox House Trust,” said Simon Duggan, Managing Director of Knox House Trust. “They will both play a vital role in the ongoing management, development and expansion of our Marine and Aviation division and their experience and knowledge of this specialist industry, will allow us to continue with our growth strategy.”

“Their experience and knowledge of this specialist industry, will allow us to continue with our growth strategy”

James Porter has been appointed senior manager – marine and aviation. He has more than 18 years’ experience in offshore corporate services and has specialized in aviation and marine transactions for much of this. He was previously business development manager for the marine, aviation and new business division of a large international trust and corporate services provider.

Tarryn Boland-Porter has been appointed as assistant manager – marine and aviation. She has spent more than seven years in the offshore corporate services industry specialising in overseeing and administering a large portfolio of marine and aviation corporate structures. She is now responsible for managing the aircraft and super yacht portfolios within Knox House Trust Limited’s Marine and Aviation division.

Based in the Isle of Man, Knox House Marine & Aviation is part of the Knox group of companies. Knox House Marine & Aviation offers a range of marine, aviation and corporate services that include asset protection, yacht and aircraft registration, tax and VAT planning, asset management and financial administration.

The company offers aircraft buyers help with: aircraft company formation services; VAT, Tax and Customs planning (including Isle of Man leasing); aircraft EU importations – including temporary importation; aircraft registration services; management and administration; finance services and insurance services.

Knox House Marine & Aviation describe themselves as a “one stop shop” for all aircraft fiduciary requirements which are all delivered through a single dedicated point of contact.