Jet Aviation Hong Kong opens new workshop


Hong Kong facility has new interiors workshop

Jet Aviation Hong KongJet Aviation Hong Kong has opened its new interior workshop, located in Tsuen Wan in the Kowloon area of Hong Kong, the new shop is fully outfitted with equipment throughout four equally divided work bays, adding comprehensive interior refurbishment capabilities to the company’s maintenance facility.

“There is great need for interior services in Asia,” said Nigel Parker, managing director at Jet Aviation Hong Kong. “As appreciation for the value of business jets as a powerful business tool grows, customers’ desire for aircraft interiors that meet their unique needs grows too. We provide a wide range of additional interior support offerings to our customers, including WiFi capability, certified iTouch and iPad connectivity, partial to full interior cabin sound-proofing, 3D and LED monitors, as well as wireless Bluetooth headsets and handsets.”

Jet Aviation Hong Kong is the company’s closest base to mainland China where maintenance, refurbishment and overhaul services can be performed. It also operates an aircraft management and charter operation in Hong Kong. The company currently has 18 aircraft in its Asian management fleet.