Jet Aviation Basel preserves jobs


In May, Jet Aviation Basel announced job loses but following an employee consultation the company has saved 60 full time positions

Following an employee
consultation process that concluded last week, Jet Aviation Basel believes it
can decrease the intended headcount reduction announced in May 2012 from 250
permanent jobs to 190, preserving 60 full-time positions.

The consultation phase, which was conducted in accordance with Swiss Labour Law,
resulted in 115 employee suggestions being reviewed and considered by the newly
formed Employee Representation Committee (ERC) at Jet Aviation Basel together
with the company’s leadership team.

Taking into account many suggestions from the employees and based on new
cost-saving measures identified and ongoing initiatives, including the recent
decision to streamline its business units for maximum effectiveness,
accountability and operational control, the company can decrease the targeted
number of permanent jobs for reduction through the end of October 2012 from 250
to 190.

“We are committed to doing our utmost to mitigate the impact of this
difficult economic environment on our employees,” said Dan Clare,
president of the Jet Aviation Group. “The consultation process has proven
very beneficial and we will continue to pursue all appropriate measures to
ensure the strength of the company moving forward.”