Jet Aviation offering full support to customers regarding EU-ETS


Jet Aviation is offering management support services to help customers achieve full compliance with the European Union’s Emissions Trading System (EU-ETS) Phase III requirements, that into effect in January 2013.

Jet Aviation is offering full management support to customers, helping them achieve full compliance with the EU-ETS phase III requirements.

Phase III of the EU-ETS will place a broader cap on emissions from January 2013. To fulfill Phase III requirements, all aircraft operators flying into or out of any airport within the European Union must submit updated, detailed monitoring plans, and ensure registry accounts are open in the appointed member states.

The company will provide compliance services to help customers meet all procedural requirements of the EU-ETS, from Phase III prerequisites to regularly monitoring flight data, calculating CO2 emissions, drafting the annual report and managing emission allowances on the Union Registry.

“This Emissions Trading System phase is going to make compliance even more demanding and time-consuming for aircraft operators,” says Matthias Gruber, manager, EU-ETS Services. “Our turnkey compliance solution will help clients seamlessly meet these new requirements. It is particularly helpful to small operators.”