Jet Aviation St Louis performs milestone completion


St Louis facility has perfromed its 200th green aircraft completion.

Jet Aviation St. Louis completed its 200th green aircraft in December 2012. The Challenger 605 was delivered 11 days ahead of schedule. The 199th aircraft, a Global 6000, delivered the day prior and was 10 days ahead of schedule.

St Louis has been performing well and has continued improving and this has resulted in early delivery times. With the 18 most recent aircraft delivering ahead of schedule, Jet Aviation St. Louis has developed proven systems for building highly customised aircraft in a more efficient way. The company has implemented 5S and lean technologies and established a continuous improvement department.

“With a goal of being better today than we were yesterday, Jet Aviation St. Louis began a process of business transformation,” said Chuck Krugh, senior vice president and general manager, Jet Aviation St. Louis. “The facility was organized using LEAN methodology and 5S principles. From there, the incorporation of systems to engage team members, solve problems and create standardization resulted in an enhanced team environment. Employees are informed, engaged and personally invested in the company’s success which translates into improved customer service and delivery performance.”

Jet Aviation St. Louis has performed 200 aircraft completions in its history, with 100 occurring since 2008. It began its completions business in earnest in 1997 with its first Challenger 601 completion. Since then, completions have been performed for Bombardier Challenger 601, 604, 605 and 850 and Global 5000, XRS and 6000 aircraft.

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