ITC-AeroLeasing executes aircraft brokerage deal amid COVID-19


Pilatus PC-24

7 December 2020 – ITC-AeroLeasing has successfully completed another cross-border aircraft sale transaction, acting as broker for a pre-owned Pilatus PC-24 jet. ITC was able to effectively initiate and support the transaction through to closing in a very efficient manner considering the global challenges posed by COVID-19. The aircraft was delivered from Oceania to its end customer in North America within a month from signing the purchase agreement.

“We are delighted to be able to close another aircraft transaction during the ongoing global COVID-19 crisis, despite the financial pressure exerted on many people and businesses today, combined with travel restrictions and logistical complexities, the exceptional professionalism demonstrated by all involved brought this transaction to a swift, successful conclusion,” said Steven Nixon, Director, Asset Management & Trading of ITC.

“ITC has been brokering, buying and selling aircraft for over 30 years, often with a seller or buyer located in Japan, but in recent years we have extended the reach of our international brokerage services and to develop this service offering for our customers. With our global leased/financed fleet of nearly sixty aircraft and our wide-ranging internal capabilities, including remarketing of our off-lease inventory, continuous analysis of values and market trends, we are extremely well equipped to offer a multi-faceted solution for our brokerage customers around the World,” added Nixon.

ITC’s Chairman, Tomoo Nakayama added, “ITC has a rich history of dealing with the superbly engineered Pilatus product, having first leased a Pilatus PC-12 in the mid-1990s and being previously appointed as a Pilatus sales agent for Japan. Our current leased/financed fleet includes fifteen Pilatus PC-12s and they continue to be one of our core fixed wing assets.  Having previously dealt with the PC-6 and PC-12, for ITC to be involved with the PC-24 was especially pleasing as we look to position ourselves to be a lessor of the PC-24 to our clients worldwide.”

ITC has successfully closed over a dozen aircraft leasing transactions, multiple Japanese government projects, as well as several international brokerage deals since the first months of 2020 amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.