Instajet’s new Route Card ‘promises savings on city pair flights’


Private jet company Instajet’s new Route Card promises savings on 25 city pair routes, with more pairings to follow.

Annual subscription to the Route Card, which costs €10,000 ($11,294) per year or €1,000 ($1,129) per month, “provides the industry’s best pricing for routes between the top 15 private jet airports, across all aircraft categories”, according the company. Each city pair flight is priced on a one-way basis, with return or multi-city prices also available.

Nick Davis, Instajet founder and chief executive, told Corporate Jet Investor: With the ski season just about to start (hoping Covid doesn’t put the brakes on it too much), we felt it was a good time to put a product in place that is focused on those people who have a much smaller requirement for private jet travel.”  The new card is aimed at people who typically fly the same city pairs every week, month or season to the same handful of destinations.  Included are major cities connected to finance and industry, as well as those seasonal routes that are high traffic locations for the summer and ski seasons.

“This coupled with the ever-changing T&Cs of the jet card marketplace and extended call out times is really making people start to question the value of them especially in the USA market right now,” said Davis.

The Instajet Route Card offers frequent users of private jets three key benefits, he added. Those are said to be: Guaranteed pricing, every price listed on the Instajet Route Card is guaranteed for the year’s subscription, Quality of service, with the best aircraft chosen from Instajet’s portfolio of operators, and Simplicity. There are no blackout periods, no large fund deposits and no limits on the number of flights that can be taken at Route Card prices.

“With our Route Card we are bringing the market back to the core principle upon which we established the Jet Card: to provide frequent travellers with easy access to a range of quality private jets for their regular routes,” he said. “Our aim is to free our customers from the delays, disruptions and terms and conditions that are currently making private flying the antithesis of what it should be. We simply offer quality without compromise, fulfilling these flight requirements at the best pricing available anywhere.”

Corporate jet travel is returning as companies focus on the health and well-being of their staff, according to the company. Businesses are making it the preferred means of travel due to its many fewer touchpoints and avoiding the risk of staff being in crowded check-in lines/customs lines.

“Feedback is suggesting that the scheduled airport experience on the ground for the airlines that are flying, is driving lots of new entrants to try business aviation,” said Davis. “Some of the investment banks are making it the preferred method of travel for deal flow teams/M&A teams etc. First-time jetters account for about 30% [of business].”  

Instajet plans to launch US routes in early 2022. The company has pledged to lessen its environmental impact by planting silver maple trees for every flight.


Instajet’s most popular routes

Short haul

All year

  • *London – Paris
  • *Paris – Geneva
  • *Paris – Nice
  • *Milan – Rome.



  • *Nice – Ibiza
  • *Palma – Mykonos/Obia.


Ski season

  • *Geneva – Sion/Chambery.


Long Haul

  • *London – New York
  • *London – Dubai
  • *Moscow – Dubai/Nice/Zurich.
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