Innovative range of sanitising products offer passengers and crew greater protection against viruses and bacteria


Patch has launched a series of products to better protect passengers and crew during flights. As well as luxury hand sanitisers and branded face masks there are innovative new items including a sanitising patch that creates a “safe zone” for the wearer.

Manufactured in South Korea, a country well known for its scrupulous handling of the Covid-19 outbreak, the sanitising patches can either be fixed to a smart phone, worn on a lanyard around the neck or the clip version can be attached to bags and clothing. Mobile phones are known to be one of the biggest harbourers or germs and bacteria, the patch ensures that the phone is clean and germ free while at the same time offering a degree of protection to the wearer.

The patch works by delivering a controlled release of Caolion EcoBio, this is totally safe and approved by the World Health Organisation, FDA, EPA, EU, NASA, and the Korean Ministry of the Environment. Once the patch is activated it eliminates viruses, moulds and bacteria is effective for up to 28 days and longer, un-activated patches have a shelf life of up to 12 months. The patches can offer protection to the wearer within a radius of up to a metre.

In addition to the patch offers a number of luxury hand sanitisers, masks, and sanitizing products. The World Health Organisation advises that hand cleansing is one of the most effective forms of protection against Covid-19.

Peter Bradfield of advises: “It is almost impossible to maintain social distancing within the confines of an airport and aircraft cabin, particularly during boarding and disembarking. The sanitizing patches offer an increased level of protection and enhance the safety of passengers in an easy, convenient effective format. This range of luxury hand sanitizers and masks help to raise protection levels to the highest standards.”