Indonesia opens up domestic flights to foreign registered business aircraft


Chantilly Air Challenger 605

Indonesia has finally lifted a ban on foreign registered business aircraft operating domestically within the country.

Under previous rules aircraft were allowed to fly internationally into an Indonesian airport, but then unable to fly on to another destination within the country.

To be able to fly domestically, operators still need to receive approvals from various different government departments. Diplomatic approval is also required, along with security clearance from the Foreign Ministry and Military.

Following approvals being granted aircraft will be allowed to fly within the country for a maximum of six months, proving they arrive first at an international airport for customs clearance.

“By allowing business leaders from overseas to fly domestically in Indonesia on corporate jets, it helps to facilitate business and trade ties. A lot of these business leaders are coming to Indonesia looking to invest and establish businesses in the country.” said Jean-Michel Jacob, Asia Pacific president, Dassault Falcon, “With the new regulations, they will be able to more readily reach other parts of the country.”