INAER orders ten AW169 helicopters


With this new order INAER will operate more than 60 AgustaWestland helicopters in their fleet

has announced that INAER has signed a contract for ten AW169 helicopters. These
aircraft will be used for various applications across INAER’s markets.

AW169 helicopter programme, which was unveiled at the Farnborough International
Air Show in July 2010, is progressing as planned with the first flight
scheduled in 2012 and certification in 2014. Deliveries are expected to follow
immediately after certification is obtained.

Spagnolini, chief executive officer, AgustaWestland said “This order by INAER,
one of the largest helicopter operators in the world, is further confirmation
that the market is ready and eager to introduce the new generation AW169
helicopter into service. The AW169 is the first new generation type introduced
in its segment in decades and will provide operators like INAER with new levels
of performance and technology. We are confident this purely customer driven
helicopter will achieve great success in the market place.”

 Jorge Díaz-Crespo Cardona, chief executive
officer, INAER said “The collaboration between AgustaWestland and INAER is
growing and improving year by year with AgustaWestland developing excellent
products and more customized services. In the last years, INAER has
considerably expanded and our request of collaboration and support from OEMs
has increased. AgustaWestland has been flexible enough to understand our
criticalities and to fulfil our requirements. INAER is very confident that the
AW169 will be the state-of-the-art and reference helicopter in its product
range. AgustaWestland products excel in terms of performance and advanced
technology and the AW169 will be developed following this philosophy. We look
forward to putting the AW169 into service and we will ask AgustaWestland to
speed up its development and certification as our Customers urgently need the