IBA wins major award


IBA Group wins ‘The Aviation 100 Appraiser of the Year’ award

IBA Group has won ‘The Aviation 100 Appriaser of the Year’ award, it is awarded to the year’s most outstanding performers
in the aerospace industry based on top ten rankings.

The vote for ‘The Aviation
100 Appraiser of the Year’ is always hotly contested. Only those voters
actually involved in the commissioning of and working with an
appraiser/appraisal report had their vote counted to ensure a fair and balanced
view. Analysis of these votes revealed the reasons why the industry
believes IBA’s approach to be significant throughout 2011 and these included:
simplicity and speed in formats that are easily digested and distributable; a
knowledgeable and personal approach which includes ‘on the ground’ aircraft
inspections by certified appraisers; as well as IBA’s Jet Values 2 online

Dr Stuart Hatcher, head of
valuations and risk at IBA Group, comments “The fact that our customers
understand and appreciate the breadth of our services and were prepared to vote
for us is really uplifting for the team. It’s not just about the
appraisal.  IBA always provides the additional ‘colour’ to complete the
picture. Thanks to our strong background on transactional analysis, aircraft
and engine economics (in particular maintenance cost and reliability research),
and our strong links with the OEMs, we are able to provide realistic and
concise advice on all aspects of the deal. All appraisers are seeing an
increase in demand for online appraisals and Jet Values 2’s ability to account
for the premium or discount associated with certain aircraft specifications
makes this tool central to the appraisal industry.”

He continued “During 2011
we also decided to significantly expand the commercial team in response to
growing demand, ensuring that the quality of our service was not compromised.
The market is evolving and IBA is committed to maintaining the depth of
resource to meet future needs.”