IBA unveils new online aircraft database


The International Bureau of Aviation unveils new product, JetData, at ISTAT Europe in Rome.

The International Bureau of Aviation (IBA Group) will unveil their latest development – JetData – at ISTAT Europe.
JetData is IBA’s new online commercial aircraft and fleet database and gives users 24/7 access to aircraft and values data collected over the last quarter of a century, as well as the latest aircraft analysis and information.

Phil Seymour, IBA president and COO, said: “From the outset, our goal with JetData was to design a quality product that was also cost effectively priced. We are very pleased with the final result which has achieved exactly this – a really comprehensive, accurate, broad reaching database, that is easy to use and navigate around, and set at a price that makes it accessible to everyone. We are confident that the resource will quickly be adopted by many different sectors of the aviation industry, and are further confident that they will all quickly see a great return on their purchase.”

The database includes up-to-date information on all modern commercial jet and turboprop aircraft (20 seats and upwards). This equates to over 45,000 aircraft types, details of over 200,000 surrounding transactions and over 2 million individual data points. Users can access detailed information including current and historical data on individual aircraft, owner, operator and specification data, full fleet demographics, utilisation statistics, and lease data. When used in conjunction with IBA’s already established ‘JetValues 2’ online valuation system, current market and base values, and lease ranges, are also available. JetData provides all the information required to truly understand, monitor, assess and analyse the ever dynamic aviation industry.

Dr Stuart Hatcher, head of valuations and risk, who also led the development of JetData, said: “To my mind, what really makes JetData unique is IBA’s heritage and the historical data that we own, this coupled with our current relationships within the industry, contacts and intelligence gathering methods means that our data provision is second to none. Furthermore, all information is meticulously checked and verified in-house, before being entered straight into the database. Depending on market activity, this can see updates taking place on an hourly basis during busy periods. So users of JetData can be sure that the information they are viewing is the very latest available.”