IBA receives CAMO approval for three Gulfstream jets


Gulfstream G650 flying

The International Bureau of Aviation (IBA) has been awarded EASA Part M, subpart G, CAMO approval with the addition of Gulfstream G450, G550 and G650 business jets. The company has also received approval for the ATR 72 turboprop.

IBA is the first stand-alone UK company to achieve approval for the G650 (other than Gulfstream Luton).

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Phil Seymour, IBA president and COO, says: “The new aircraft additions show the diversity of IBA’s services ranging from the commercial fuel efficient turboprop workhorse that is the ATR72 to the most luxurious of long haul, fast business jets that is the G650. IBA has been increasingly involved in the transition of ATR72 aircraft from one jurisdiction to another and given the global reach of this aircraft type, expect more CAMO type work to evolve.”

A CAMO Approval enables IBA to manage the records, continuous airworthiness and maintenance planning for an aircraft.

Chris Lennon, asset management director of IBA’s new business and private aviation division, says: “The CAMO approval we now hold for the G450 through to G650 business jets is evidence that we are moving into a sector which has an increasing demand for independent services. The likes of corporations and high net worth individuals who own such assets have elevated expectations.”

“They want to ensure that their aircraft are providing efficient services for their own use as well as occasionally being used for revenue generation. At IBA we are able to advise owners on which jurisdiction and aircraft managers to use to provide that flexibility, as well as providing the technical management via our CAMO service,” adds Lennon.

IBA’s in-house research shows that there have been 138 G650 deliveries since customers first took their aircraft in 2011/2012.

The order book appears strong although being a business jet, it is difficult to gauge precisely just how many are on back order.

According to IBA, Gulfstream delivered 44 G650s in 2013 and just over 35 so far in 2014.

Gulfstream also recently delivered the first fully-outfitted G650ER to a customer, which offers additional range.

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