IADA Foundation awards 10 industry scholarships


The International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) Foundation has awarded 10 scholarships to business aviation students and young professionals.

Four of the awards were given to university students to help pay for their studies, while the other six were awarded to young people already employed in the sector by IADA members for education, learning and leadership opportunities.

Atlanta-based brokerage Ogarajets had two young professionals receive scholarships. The other professional recipients work for Guardian Jet, Clay Lacy Aviation, brokerage Soljets and Eagle Creek Aviation Services.

“These great young professionals and students who are building their business aviation careers will be the industry’s leaders in the future, and the IADA team is so very fortunate to be a part of their stories,” said Wayne Starling, executive director, IADA. “We wish them well as their careers takeoff and they become the business aviation leaders of tomorrow.”

Those awarded the scholarships include:

  • Andrew Dondelinger, Soljets
  • Ashley Graves, Eagle Creek Aviation Services
  • Sam Campos, Ogarajets
  • Kyle Canna, Guardian Jet
  • Myrthe Simons, Clay Lacy Aviation
  • Luke Leonard, Ogarajets
  • Tyler Kleinsasser, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
  • Julia Alise Hummel, Auburn University
  • Marcus Frank Gross III, University of Nebraska Omaha
  • Paul Wynns, University of California San Diego

IADA established its Business Aviation Scholarship for university students seeking a career in the industry, specifically in aircraft sales, marketing, finance, legal and insurance. The association offers scholarship awards between $1,000 to $5,000.

One of the recipients, Luke Leonard, marketing manager, Ogarajets spoke about his scholarship at CJI London, which you can watch here.