IADA accepting applications to become Accredited Used Aircraft Sales Dealers


Wayne Starling

14 July 2020 – The International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) is accepting applications from aircraft dealers to be accredited through the organisation’s independent accrediting process.

“We have 45 of the unquestioned best preowned aircraft expert dealers anywhere in the world who are accredited by the organisation to be the ‘top guns’ of our industry,” said IADA Executive Director Wayne Starling. “And we are open for new dealers who have the professionalism and expertise to be a part of IADA. Our entire 110-member organization is a major player in the overall aviation industry, with total sales of $145 billion and over 350,000 employees,” he added.

“Despite the challenges of a very serious pandemic that is wreaking havoc on the world’s populations and impacting aviation travel in so many ways, our industry is adapting to the continually evolving markets with responsibility and a clear focus on the future health of business flying,” Starling said. “In response to the changing market conditions we are still writing contracts to bring aircraft to market and to acquire specific aircraft to meet the changing needs of business flyers.”

Dealers who wish to be accredited by IADA can learn more about the standards and apply by going to  https://iada.aero/accreditation. The industry’s only independent accreditation and certification process was developed by Joseph Allan and Associates Aviation Consulting in conjunction with the IADA Board of Directors.

The IADA Board of Directors is responsible for voting on members’ initial membership and re-accreditation applications. Each IADA accredited dealer organization must have a minimum of five consecutive years of established business activity as an aircraft dealer.

An approved aircraft dealer has the capability of representing a variety of customers and industry stakeholders, and as such, must be considered a reputable organisation within the aviation industry. For accreditation purposes, an aircraft dealer must also meet certain size and volume standards.