HRD Aero Systems expands Component Control software


HRD Aero will use system to manage their global inventory of spares

Component Control has
announced that HRD Aero Systems has expanded its Quantum Control MRO and
Logistics software footprint.

“Our company has grown
exponentially over the past nine years with Quantum, and as we enter a new
phase of significant growth through our global inventory and repair
partnerships, HRD will leverage the Quantum technology to provide new
efficiencies into its operations to improve customer services,” said Albert
Leon, chief information officer of HRD Aero Systems.  “Quantum has the
flexibility to connect remote users, such as our global sales team, to our
central system, so that everyone is using the same data across the
enterprise.  This keeps us in sync operationally, which greatly benefits
our customers”. 

Leon added, “We’re looking forward to our next project
with Quantum which will be to leverage the capabilities available in as a key component of managing inventory flow within our
global stock partnerships.”