Horst Brockmueller joins Oriens


Brockmueller joins as investment and business aviation expert

Oriens Advisors has added Horst Brockmueller to the team as an investment and business aviation expert.

Oriens invited Horst, who has a wealth of aviation expertise, to join as client requirements and demands
continued to increase in variety, speciality and strategic business development needs.

“Owing to the challenging economic landscape we are witnessing an increasing number of clients needing
solid restructuring and financial support advice, areas in which Horst has a considerable knowledge,” said Edwin Brenninkmeyer, Founder of Oriens “His genuine passion and understanding for aviation, and his international outlook will all be great assets to the consultancy. He’s a valuable addition to the team and ensures that we continue to offer our clients the very best in business advice, consultancy and information provision. We are genuinely thrilled to have Horst join the team.”

Horst will be based in London and Hamburg and is already working on setting up an aircraft ownership foundation in southwest Germany which will provide a group of business owners more travel flexibility at low cost. “I am very much looking forward to working with the professionals at Oriens to support their continued growth, and to bring my unique skill set to its client base. 2012 will be an exciting year for Oriens and business aviation as it forms a solid base in anticipation of the upturn in 2013, it’s a very good time to be working with them” said Horst.