Hongkong Jet is awarded ARGUS Platinum Rating


Hongkong Jet achieves another safety milestone.

                                    Hongkong Jet ARGUS
Hongkong Jet announced that it has been awarded the ARGUS Platinum Rating for safety and operation standards.
After demonstrating the compliance and conformity to stringent standards, a robust and functional safety management systems (SMS), Hongkong Jet has achieved the ARGUS Platinum Rating from ARGUS International, Inc.

“Hongkong Jet is the first Platinum Rated operator based in Hong Kong, which is quite an accomplishment,” says ARGUS International president and CEO Joseph Moeggenberg. “The prestigious and globally recognized ARGUS Platinum Rating ensures that an operator meets the operational best practices demanded by the most sophisticated charter buyers and brokers around the world. I commend Hongkong Jet’s dedication to running a high quality, safety first operation, and for achieving ARGUS’ highest quality rating, ARGUS Platinum.”

“We are very proud to receive the platinum rating from ARGUS, a highly-respected world-recognized aviation auditing organization. We always strive to be the best at what we do, which is the only way to succeed in this safety-driven business”, says Chris Buchholz, CEO of Hongkong Jet.

“Safety is and will always be our top priority. Receiving the ARGUS Platinum is another step forward for Hongkong Jet and reflects all the effort and dedication that our elite team have put into making sure every aspect of flight safety is taken care of. Our non-punitive safety culture has never focused on the “who” but the “what” we can do to enhance safety. We are fortunate to have a world-class international team that shares an uncompromising long-term focus of safety and service excellence; these are our key Business Principles that distinguish the Hongkong Jet team”, Buchholz concluded.