Hong Kong opens up more night-time business aviation slots


Hong Kong International Airport has opened up more slots for business jets wanting to use the airport at night.

Four additional night slots have become available between the hours of 16:00 and 20:59 UTC. When converted into the local time in Hong Kong, the new slots will be available between 00:00 and 04:59.

While the additional slots will be welcomed, they are only available to five different aircraft types: the Gulfstream G500, G550 and G650, and the Bombardier Global 5000 and 6000.

The increase in the number of commercial aviation flights has squeezed the number of slots available to business aircraft, as well as taking up parking space that was previously used for private flights.

According to statistics on the Hong Kong airport website, aircraft movements of all types increased by 23.3% between 2001 and 2016, rising from 334,000 to 412,000.

Business aircraft using Hong Kong air often have to drop their passengers in Hong Kong, and then reposition to Guangzhou, Shenzhen or Zhuhai to park.

The notice issued by the HK Schedule Coordination Office, and posted on the Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA) website, also states: “In addition, to further maximize the utilization of last minute cancelled slots outside the night period by commercial services, slot requests for BA operations may be considered from time to time depending on availability of various capacity constraints.”

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