Honeywell provides GoDirect connectivity to Empire Aviation Group


Paras Dhamecha of Empire Aviation Group

Honeywell has signed an agreement with Empire Aviation Group to provide its full suite of GoDirect connectivity services and products for the cabin and cockpit.

The technologies, developed by Honeywell’s recent acquisition, Satcom1, will be installed on the entire fleet of aircraft managed by Empire Aviation Group.

Michael Edmonds, vice president, Aerospace Services and Connectivity at Honeywell Aerospace said: “Our all-in-one ‘GoDirect’ approach to connectivity helps aviation management companies like Empire Aviation Group add value in a market that relies heavily upon technology for the best possible flying experience. Honeywell is on the cutting edge of quickly evolving airplane communication technology. This agreement demonstrates the breadth of Honeywell’s products and services, as well as our ability to deliver on the potential for vastly improved aerospace connectivity.”

Paras P. Dhamecha, executive director, Empire Aviation Group added: “There is high demand for connectivity solutions that help passengers stay connected in flight and provide pilots with the real-time information they need to enhance the flying experience. Unifying our cabin and cockpit services through one unique provider means we can deliver the highest level of service to our aircraft owners and charter clients, satisfying their appetite for connectivity now and in the future.”