Honeywell helps customers cut costs with more options and control over connectivity solutions


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Orlando, FL – October 16, 2018 – Honeywell is giving business jet operators more control over their onboard data consumption and service usage with updates to several of its GoDirect services. The updates across Honeywell’s engine maintenance service plan, its GoDirect Data Control option, and the new FalconConnect for Dassault customers provide tailored services to individual fleets, helping business jet operators stay connected and better manage their aircraft while cutting operating costs.

Honeywell updates being featured at NBAA this week include:

  • Usage-based discounts for Honeywell’s Maintenance Service Plan (MSP). Honeywell is changing its signature MSP to a usage-based service plan driven by advanced data — a new way of approaching maintenance for the industry. Data analytics have been developed to award discounts based on flight behaviours that have been known to positively affect engine wear, including flight length, throttle settings and flight environment. This provides customers with flexibility, and allows them to earn discounts of up to 10 percent off their engine maintenance costs for operating their aircraft under optimal conditions. The GoDirect maintenance portal allows customers to track monthly performance and related savings.
  • Honeywell’s GoDirect Data Control helps operators using JetConneX tailor their onboard connectivity experience to save an average of 30 percent. The service predicts data consumption of streaming video services before a flight. This lets operators choose the right connectivity package for their needs, saving money without sacrificing the onboard user experience. With GoDirect Data Control, operators can save up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.
  • Dassault’s new FalconConnect, powered by Honeywell’s GoDirect services, is officially on the market and offering one competitively priced package that provides everything needed for a fully connected experience. It includes high-speed cabin internet, cockpit safety links, standard ground communication, and a wide range of services that maximizes data control while minimizing costs. Since the package’s launch in June, new customers have begun signing up for FalconConnect, proving that customised, affordable solutions are driving demand among business jet operators.