Honeywell Forge to connect with Universal Weather


Honeywell’s Forge flight platform will offer Universal Weather and Aviation’s flight planning and trip support data.

Guido Groeschel, executive vice president, Digital Product Management, Universal said: “This integration will bring new capabilities and efficiencies to Honeywell Forge customers, as well as give Universal customers access to Honeywell’s leading connectivity services.”

Flight departments can now generate flight plans, aircraft performance group (APG) runway analysis reports, and APG weight and balance performance calculations within Universal’s platform and automatically sync related data with their Forge dashboard.

Through Universal, customers will also have access to additional mission management services, including trip support and mission feasibility guidance.

Philippe Chevrier, president, Services and Connectivity, Honeywell Aerospace added: “We have been actively listening to the needs of both pilots and operators and are continuously looking at ways to simplify the flight management experience of business aviation customers.”

Currently, Honeywell’s Forge platform is processing data from more than 10,000 aircraft.