HondaJet gets Canadian certification


Transport Canada has given the HondaJet its Canadian type certificate. Honda Aircraft will now be able to begin deliveries to customers who want to register their aircraft in Canada.

The HondaJet has now been certificated in Canada, Europe, Mexico and the US.

“We are proud to achieve Canadian certification for the HondaJet, which signifies it meets the high safety standards governed by Transport Canada,” said Michimasa Fujino, Honda Aircraft Company President, CEO . “With multiple orders in the pipeline, achieving this important milestone will now allow us to begin HondaJet deliveries to our Canadian registration customers.”

In 2012 Honda formed a partnership with Skyservive Business Aviation who became the authorised dealer for the aircraft in Canada.

“Honda has a strong reputation in Canada. The HondaJet, with its high performance and superior fuel efficiency, further builds on that positive brand image,” said Marshall Myles, chairman and CEO, Skyservice. “We are proud to represent the HondaJet in Canada.”