HondaJet: Buyer’s and Investor’s Guide


What is it?

To say that the HondaJet has been one of the mostly closely followed business jet developments in history is something of an understatement. It is also not to everybody’s taste.

It does stand out, though, as it is currently the only business jet that has its engines mounted above its wings.

This makes it look different and, while looks are not the main reason why people buy aircraft, it is refreshing to see an aircraft that does not look like every other business jet.

But Honda Aircraft did not design the aircraft to look different, as there are several advantages to having this engine configuration. The most important one is that it reduces drag on the leading edge of the wings, which has the dual advantage of letting the aircraft fly faster while burning less fuel.

As a result, the HondaJet is one of the fastest aircraft in its class.

It is also one of the most comfortable in its class, although, being a very light jet, it is not designed to fly long distances.


You do not buy a very light jet and expect to be able to party on it, or to sleep as you cross oceans. You expect to get a functional cabin that is comfortable for journeys of several hours or less.

But the cabin of the HondaJet is one of the selling features. Step inside and you will be forgiven for thinking you are in a much larger aircraft.

Honda Aircraft has borrowed from its parent company’s knowledge of car interiors and come up with a refreshingly fresh interior. The standard configuration is for two forward-facing club seats, two rear seats – with very good leg room – and a single divan opposite the door. The seats are adjustable and comfortable. It also has a toilet – something that not all light jets have.

There is a decent amount of space at the front and back for bags, especially compared to its light jet competitors. Passengers can also control air conditioning and lights with their mobile phones.

Cost of ownership

A new HondaJet will set you back $5.8 million in 2017, an increase of $300,000 since 2015.

One advantage that the HondaJet has through the sales process is that the manufacturer can finance the purchase for you, although this is currently only available to customers in the US. Financing for smaller aircraft has been notoriously difficult to get, so it is likely that this approach has helped in a handful of sales.

As a relatively new aircraft type to enter service, the HondaJet enjoys lower operating costs than most of its competitors, largely due to its newer technology. It also cruises higher than most of its competitors, which reduces fuel burn.

Using the aircraft cost calculator from Conklin & de Decker, the total fixed yearly costs for owning a HondaJet is $230,059. That calculation includes crew, management, hangar space and insurance

The total variable costs for flying 200 hours a year are $245,700. This figure assumes that fuel is $3.99/gal, and includes maintenance reserves, as well as crew and handling etc charges.


As of 1 November 2017, Honda has built 85 HondaJets. Of these, the largest concentration is in North America, where 78 aircraft, some 91%, operate. Outside North America, four aircraft operate in South America, with a further three operating in Western Europe.

Unusually for an aircraft type, as soon as the production process is begun, the aircraft is placed into trust with Wells Fargo Bank Northwest. A search on the US Civil Aircraft Register online shows a number of these aircraft, thereby artificially inflating the current number of aircraft in service. Caution is therefore needed, when trying to extrapolate the current number in service, to not include these.

While the AMSTAT database, and no doubt others as well, shows that there are 85 aircraft in service, at least 20 of these are attributed to Wells Fargo, but are currently being built.

Honda’s strategy has been to slowly build up its sales presence around the world, as and when it decides that the market will justify it. Recently the company announced a partnership with a Honda car dealer in China, which will cover sales in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao and the mainland.


As with all business jet manufacturers, Honda does not release details of order activity, unless it is a large fleet order or it is of particular significance.

In May 2017, it did release details of a fleet order from a new European operator based on the Isle of Man, although, rather than releasing the number of aircraft ordered, Honda chose to just say “multiple orders”.

Several other one-off orders are known, including aircraft destined for Thailand, Argentina and Germany. In 2016, Michimasa Fujino, the head of the company, stated that approximately 20% of all orders were from customers in Europe.


The HondaJet overtook the Embraer Phenom 300 in the first half of 2017 as the most delivered aircraft type. Overall, Honda delivered 24 aircraft, one more than the 23 Phenom 300s delivered. Fujino said that he was aiming to keep this title as long as possible. Delivery guidance for the year has been unavailable, however traditionally more aircraft are delivered in the last half of the year versus the first half, as manufacturers rush to close off their year accounts.

As expected, the largest share of deliveries has been to customers in North America, where the 20 aircraft delivered made up 80% of all deliveries. France, Germany and Italy all took delivery of one aircraft each, while the two aircraft delivered into Mexico made it the country with the highest number of deliveries.

Future deliveries that we are aware of include the first aircraft destined for a customer in Thailand. Fujino said in an interview in November 2017 that he sees great potential for the HondaJet in southeast Asia, specifically mentioning Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Currently the company manages its Asia sales processes through its North American headquarters. However, as noted above, a sales office will soon be established in mainland China.

Pre-owned Sales Activity

The AMSTAT database shows that there are currently 11 aircraft, some 13% of the current fleet, available for sale. This number could be seen as artificially high based on the relatively recent introduction of the aircraft.

The average asking price for an aircraft on the pre-owned market dropped by 5.5% between the beginning of the year and 1 November. There were only two sales during this period, with both transactions taking place between buyers and sellers in North America.

Of the 11 aircraft currently available for sale, ten are operated in North America, with the remaining aircraft being one of three operated in Mexico. However, the owner of this aircraft is Aerolineas Ejecutivas, which is listed as the sales agent for the aircraft in the country.

HondaJet does have several representation agreements in place in South America. An agreement was signed with Seijiro Yazawa Iwai Aviation INC in October 2016 to be the dealer throughout what Honda calls the “Middle Americas”, a territory stretching up to, but not including, the border with Mexico to the north and the southernmost border of Venezuela to the south.

Sales in Brazil are managed by Lider Aviacão, with the rest of Latin America managed from the global headquarters in North America.


The HondaJet fits into the Very Light Jet category. This category is for the smallest business jets currently available, which normally seat between four and eight people. The original classification was based on weight, with VLJs having a maximum takeoff weight below 10,000kg. However the HondaJet, like the Phenom 100, CitationJet and Citation M2, is above this.

Part of the draw of the HondaJet, and the Very Light Jet sector as a whole, is that the aircraft are certificated for single pilot operations. This means that a large percentage of owners fly the aircraft themselves. To capitalise on this, a new fractional operation was set up earlier in 2017, which gives members the opportunity to fly the aircraft themselves.

As a general rule, VLJs have a maximum range just above 1,110 nautical miles. The exception to this is the Citation M2, which can fly for just over 1,550nm

Annika Abraham
Managing Director - EMEAA, Avinode Group

Annika Abraham is the EVP EMEAA for Avinode, the world’s leading B2B platform for sourcing air charter.

Annika is specifically responsible for Avinode and the associated market intelligence products in the EMEAA region, regional product strategy and for driving revenue and technology development across all departments.
Annika joined the Avinode Group in 2011 as Chief Fi-nancial Officer and after six years in this role, has gained an invaluable wealth of knowledge about the company. Prior to Avinode, Abraham previously worked in financial roles at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Nordea and Volvo Business Services.

She is an Authorized Public Accountant with a Master’s degrees in Accounting and Finance from the University of Gothenburg.

Marc Abraham
Aviation Finance, Investec

Marc joined Investec in 2005 where he completed his Chartered Accountancy articles at the Bank.
Marc’s experience is in providing financing solutions for both commercial and corporate aircraft.
He has commercial experience in structuring and arranging of ECA backed transactions, pre-delivery payments & senior debt for African airlines and global aircraft lessors. He has similar business jet aircraft experience in both new and pre-owned deliveries on the continent.

Jonah Adler
Chief Revenue Officer, jet Edge

Profile coming soon

Stuart Algar
Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority

Stuart is an Airworthiness Inspector for the Bermuda CAA. His role includes regulatory oversight of Bermuda registered aircraft and approved organisations. In addition, he is the Article 83 bis project manager and leasing company co-ordinator for the authority.

Prior to the Bermuda CAA, Stuart was with UK CAA where he was a Principal Airworthiness Surveyor. The majority of his time was spent carrying out regulatory oversight predominantly for large AOC’s, CAMO’s, AMO’s and aircraft. Stuart was involved in several projects and initiatives including; risk/performance based oversight, SMS, HF, aircraft leasing, production planning and a single ramp inspection programme.

Previous positions have included: Technical Consultant for International Lease Finance Corporation managing aircraft lease acquisitions and deliveries and as a Project Engineer, Technical Liaison Engineer and ‘flying spanner’ for Astraeus Airlines, a UK based ACMI operator.

Stuart started his career as an airframe/engine apprentice for British Caledonian, shortly after this airline was taken over by British Airways where he spent 18 years as a B1 Licensed Aircraft Engineer and has type ratings on B737, B757, B777, A320 and RJ100 aircraft.

One of his proudest moments was being awarded an MSc in Aircraft Maintenance Management from City University, London in 2012. This was after several years of studying and juggling this with work and a young family at home.

Nic Arnold, ACA, CTA
Head of Luxury Asset Advisory, PwC

Nic Arnold is a Director in PwC's Private Client Tax Team and heads up the Luxury Asset Advisory Group. Nic has extensive experience of advising multi-generational families and their Family Offices on the global tax aspects arising from their international lives and the use of their complex assets including property, superyachts, aircraft and art. Nic's UHNWI clients range from those who have lived in the UK for many years to international clients who have businesses and investments in the UK or clients who have no connection with the UK but require cross-tax, cross-jurisdictional advice which she coordinates from London.
Nic has been with PwC for 10 years and prior to this was with Deloitte and Anderson.

In her spare time Nic enjoys sailing, snowboarding, mountain biking, yoga and painting.

Siegfried Axtmann
Chairman, FAI Aviation Group

Siegfried Axtmann studied Civil Engineering where he holds a Ph. D. He is the founder and majority owner of FAI Aviation Group. He has started his career in Aviation in mid of the 80´s by accident, being owner of a badly management Bell 206 helicopter which he used to visit his real estate-projects in Germany.

Therefore in 1989 he acquired an AOC with two rescue helicopters and started FAI (which stands for Flight Ambulance International). In April 1990, a few months after the German border collapsed, he established and operated the first public Rescue Helicopter Base in Eastern Germany, still existing under the name “Christopher Lypsia”. Ten years later Siegfried stepped out of the helicopter rescue business but continued expanding his fleet of business jets with focus to air ambulance and other special mission operations in hostile areas as well as surveillance flights etc.

With a fleet of 25 aircraft FAI is Germany´s largest fleet operator in General Aviation and world market leader by revenues in the field of patient transport by ambulance jet. For this niche FAI is operating twelve dedicated aircraft, another three business jets are based and operated in crisis areas exclusively for the world´s largest NGO. Rest of the fleet is operating in ad hoc charter.

Beside his position being Chairman and CEO of FAI Aviation Group he is member of the Consular Corp, holding the position of the Honorary Consul of Hungary in the State of Bavaria in Germany.

Pascal Bachmann
Senior Vice President, Sales EMEA, Jetcraft

Pascal Bachmann joined Jetcraft in 2014 as a sales representative based in Europe. In his current role he leads all Jetcraft sales initiatives in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and manages a team of Sales Directors based in those regions. Prior to Jetcraft, Pascal was Sales Director for ExecuJet Europe and Vice President Europe for NetJets.

Pascal is a multi-engine commercial IFR licensed pilot, a competitive rally car driver and is fluent

Marc Bailey
CEO, British Business & General Aviation Association

Profile coming soon

Robert Baltus
Chief Operations Officer, European Business Aviation Association

Robert Baltus' aviation experience spans nearly 20 years advising and supporting senior management and executive Boards of a variety of aviation related companies. He has worked for aircraft management, fractional and charter operators and has built strong relationships with the leading business aviation companies in the industry. A business aviation specialist, Baltus is experienced in start-ups, fleet selection, training and strategic change management. He has a business management degree from HES Amsterdam and an MSc in Air Transport Management from Cranfield University.

David Best
Senior Vice President - Senior Vice President Strategic Global Growth, Jet Aviation

David Best is Senior Vice President Strategic Global Growth for Jet Aviation, responsible for the commercial functions of the business including sales, marketing business development, strategy and quotations globally.

With over twenty years industry experience he has worked on projects and transactions across the world with experience in both the Business and Commercial aviation sectors.

In addition to his role at Jet Aviation David serves as Board of Governor of the Asian Business Aviation Association and sits on the Governing Board of the International Business Aviation Council. David has worked and lived in Europe, Asia and the USA throughout his business career.

Prior to returning to the USA David was based in Singapore, where he headed up the strategic development of an aviation Services and Aftermarket businesses in the Region. Previously he served as Chief Commercial Officer in the USA, and was Managing Director Europe, Middle East and Africa for a large FBO chain.

Mark Bisset
Partner, Clyde & Co

Mark's experience includes loan and lease financing, operating leases and tax-based leases, export credit finance, and aircraft purchase and trading, in a wide variety of jurisdictions. He also has wide experience of regulatory matters in aviation.

Mark has been very active over the last 10+ years in the business jet market, acting for financiers, owners and operators. In 2017, Mark was ranked as a Band 1 individual in Private Aircraft (Global-wide) in Chambers High Net Worth, and Clyde & Co was similarly first-ranked. Spear's Magazine describes Mark as an "eminence grise" of business aviation.

Who's Who Legal Aviation has commented that Mark is an "exceptional finance lawyer with extensive knowledge of both the commercial airline and business jet market."

Mark is contributing editor of the annual publication "Getting the Deal Through - Aviation Finance and Leasing" and co-editor of "Getting the Deal Through - Air Transport".

Mark is a Guest Lecturer at the International Institute of Air and Space Law, Leiden University.

Stockton Birthisel
Managing Director, Atlas Corporate Services

Stockton Birthisel is the founder and managing director of Atlas Corporate Services Limited, a boutique fiduciary based in the Isle of Man which specialises in the establishment and administration of corporate vehicles for aviation.

Stockton was an early pioneer in the importation of aircraft in the Isle of Man, his first import dating from the early 2000’s, long before the creation of the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry made it fashionable in the jurisdiction. With nearly twenty years of experience in the field, Stockton is well-versed in the VAT and Customs law aspects of aircraft and has been actively pursuing client solutions in the post-Brexit environment.

Johan Blitz
Managing Director, Head of Corporate Aircraft Finance, UBS

Johan was approached by UBS to set-up and head the Corporate Aircraft Finance team, and joined the bank in 2005 in Zurich.
Since the team was established in 2006, UBS has, under Johan’s leadership, grown its portfolio of business jets extensively. UBS was awarded “Best Financier Europe 2013” and “Best Private Bank in EMEA 2014” for corporate jet financings, “Best Business Jet Financier 2015” and “Best Business Support Services 2015” in APAC.
Johan started his career in commodity trading, and joined a large Swiss bank in 1999 to specialise in aircraft financing. He has since put his significant experience and understanding of the aircraft financing market at the disposal of the bank’s clients and, with his team, supports the bank’s WM business. Johan speaks German, French, English and Swedish.
Johan holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (Banking and Finance) from the University of Applied Sciences in Zurich. Furthermore, Johan is also an Export Specialist with Swiss Federal Certificate and a certified Corporate Banker.

Phil Brockwell
Commercial Director, Centreline

Phil joined Centreline in 1998 to head up the aircraft charter division. Having held various positions within the company including MD of Charter and CEO, he is now the Commercial Director with responsibility for new product development and delivering on the growth strategy for Centreline. Alongside his extensive knowledge of aircraft operating costs and market dynamics, Phil brings a wealth of experience in cargo operations, aircraft leasing, rotary contracts, and aircraft acquisition and sale transactions.

Phil is a leading figure within the industry with respect to private jet charter sales and management, and is an early adopter of technological advancements.

Michel-Buffat Corporate Jet InvestorMichel Buffat
Director, Head Client Relations Aviation Finance, Credit Suisse

Michel Buffat joined Credit Suisse in 2001 after having spent eight years at a blue chip Swiss engineering firm. Since joining the bank Michel has held various asset finance positions and is currently acting Head of Aviation and Yacht Finance at Credit Suisse. He is an active member of the wider business aviation community, chairing the EBAA AMAC Financier’s Subcommittee and regularly participating in CJI and other industry events.

Additionally Michel represents Credit Suisse in its partnership with the Yacht Club de Monaco and is the main contact for Yacht Finance requests.

Michel holds an MBA from the University of Rochester as well as a Masters in mechanical engineering from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich.

Nicholas Cerretani
Managing Partner, QS Partners

Nick’s experience in jet aircraft sales, management, and operations is among the broadest in the industry. As co-founder of Miller Aviation in 1975, he helped grow the company from a part time flight school to the largest Cessna Propjet dealer in the world and ushered its expansion into charter, maintenance, FBO operations, and international sales.

In 1998, Miller Aviation was acquired by Flight Options. During his tenure there, Nick was responsible for the acquisition of the company’s first 80+ aircraft, and acquired extensive practical knowledge of the shared ownership industry.

In 2001, Nick founded Cerretani Aviation Group, which grew into one of the largest dealer/brokers in the U.S. One of the key components of the company’s growth was a history of successful transactions with NetJets and QS Partners. In Feb 2017, this relationship culminated in the merger of Cerretani Aviation Group with QS Partners, of which Nick is now one of the four Managing Partners.

Nick lives in Boulder, CO, holds an Airline Transport Pilot license, several type ratings and has over 6,000 hours of flight time.

David Coleal
President, Bombardier Business Aircraft

David M. Coleal took on the role of President, Bombardier Business Aircraft on June 15, 2015. Prior to this appointment, he was Executive Vice President and General Manager, Boeing, Business and Regional Jet Programs at Spirit Aerosystems, one of the world’s largest producers of aerostructures. In that position, he improved productivity, reduced unit cost and enhanced the company’s product portfolio as well as its overall performance.

Before joining Spirit, Mr. Coleal was Vice President and General Manager, Bombardier Learjet from 2008 to 2011. During his tenure, he developed strong relationships with business aircraft customers, achieved operational improvements while enhancing service and reliability across product lines.

Previously, he was President and Chief Operating Officer of Cirrus Design Corporation from 2001 to 2008. He also held management positions throughout his career, including Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company, New Product Development Manager at Caterpillar, and Assistant Manager, New United Motor Manufacturing (NUMMI).

Mr. Coleal holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology from California State University (CSU), Sacramento, an MBA in Management Science from CSU, East Bay, and a private pilot license.

He is a member of the Board of Directors of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) and was named chairman of GAMA’s Environment Committee in May 2016. Mr. Coleal is based at Bombardier Business Aircraft headquarters in Montreal, Canada.

Alexandria Colindres
Director of Business Development, The Registry of Aruba

Alexandria Colindres, is the Director of Business Development at the Registry of Aruba. She holds a degree in Fine Art from Tufts University graduating in 2010, and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Colombia College when obtaining her Master’s degree. During this time, she organized and curated several art exhibitions, both for profit and non-for-profit and collaborated with several reputable arts organizations. She was also selected to be the volunteer Curator for the Rock for Kids, Junior Boards annual charity fundraiser (2012), resulting in the highest grossing Junior Board charity event to date.

After graduation she went on to manage Spinello Projects one of Miami’s most successful and reputable art galleries. Developing relationships with many local and international collectors, artists, and arts organizations. Currently she is on the board of the Steering Committee at the Perez Museum of Art, based in Miami, FL.

Now she has combined her passion in the arts with her family’s heritage in Aviation. Revitalizing the aesthetic image portrayed by the Registry of Aruba and using her public relations skills to enhance customer satisfaction.

At the Registry for the past five years, she currently handles all the customer development, works directly with the Aruba’s civil aviation authority, and offers support to the various other departments to keep continuous communication throughout. She is also responsible for the coordination and organization of the various trade-shows, conferences, and publications which the Registry of Aruba participates.

At the Registry of Aruba, Alexandria has cultivated strong relationships with clients/customers, team members, upper management, and the community has resulted in significant increases in the success of numerous projects and a stellar reputation in the aviation industry and a key asset to the registry.

Geoffrey Corbeil
Senior Director - Commercial Services, Pratt & Whitney Canada

Geoffrey assumes a leading role in developing and broadening Pratt & Whitney Canada’s Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) service portfolio, including spare parts sales, used & new engine sales, pay-per-hour programs and adjacent services deployment. Mr. Corbeil has been at P&WC for over 20 years, holding key positions in P&WC’s aftermarket and marketing organizations including component repairs, engine leasing, new engines & MRO sales and leadership of joint-venture partnerships.

Mr. Corbeil holds an MBA from McGill University and a B.A.A. in Marketing from Sherbrooke University, both in Quebec, Canada.

Alan Cunningham
Partner, DLA Piper

Alan acts for banks, leasing companies, airlines, business jet operators, ship owners, ship management companies, data centre providers, contract hire and fleet management companies, OEMs and high net worth individuals.

Alan advises on all aspects of PDP and stage-payment financing, debt financing, operating lease, finance lease and hire-purchase structures, export credit backed financing, residual value guarantee arrangements and tax structures.

Matthieu de Varax
Partner, Odi-sé Avocats

Profile coming soon.

David Dixon
President, Jetcraft Asia

As President of Jetcraft Asia since 2012, David Dixon is responsible for optimizing sales strategies and managing operations from Beijing to Sydney. A leading global authority on the private aviation sector, David has lived and worked in Asia in aircraft sales for more than 30 years, and has more than four decades of aerospace industry experience. David joined Jetcraft following a long and successful career as Regional Vice President for Bombardier Business Aircraft. He was awarded the “Member of the Order of the British Empire” (MBE) distinction by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth in 1977 for his contribution to British exports and is the former Vice Chairman of the Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA).

David is originally from the UK and currently resides in Hong Kong.

Jim Dixon
Head of Aviation, Winch Design

From his formal training as a furniture designer, to a career kick-started by high-end residential work in the Middle East, Jim joined Winch Design over 20 years ago to work on the largest yacht project in build at that time before leading the growth of the Aviation team to become an industry-leading studio. Jim has a meticulous eye for detail, an extensive knowledge of ‘how things go together’ and a passion for design. His diverse and extensive experience enables him to lead both the Yachts & Aviation Studios and to deliver seamless projects across the two teams with awe inspiring results.

Mike Dwyer
Managing Partner, Guardian Jet

Prior to founding Guardian Jet in 2002, Mike Dwyer held Regional Sales Manager positions at Gulfstream Aerospace, Cessna Citation and Mooney Aircraft. An avid and experienced pilot, Mike has amassed more than 3,000 hours of flight time and holds both an Airline Transport Pilot rating and a CitationJet type rating.

Mike's education includes a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Rhode Island, in Kingston, Rhode Island, and a Master’s Degree in Finance from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, in Troy, New York.

Mike is well-known throughout the corporate aviation industry for his expertise, professionalism and integrity.
He has authored many industry publications, and is a leader in fleet planning and optimization, aircraft brokerage / acquisition, and aviation business consulting.

Dave Edwards
Partner, Windsor Capital LLP

Profile coming soon

Norbert Ehrich
VP/Managing Director, Southeast U.S. and South America, Jet Aviation

Profile coming soon

Alex Fecteau
Director of Marketing, Boeing Business Jets

Captain Alex Fecteau is the Director of Marketing for Boeing Business Jets, a division of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Prior to his current position Captain Fecteau worked with airlines around the world in Boeing Commercial Airplane marketing, with a focus on flight deck technology, and Boeing technical product subject matter. Captain Fecteau earned his undergraduate degree in Aeronautical Engineering, and Master of Science Degree in Mechanical engineering, followed by an extensive career as an F-15 instructor pilot in the US Air Force and pilot for 2 major US Airlines.

Alex has extensive experience working with customer flight operations departments, flight standards, training, and executive levels leadership. He has also worked with regulators worldwide for airplane systems certifications and performance based navigation operational approvals, and was an advisor to several EASA, ICAO, and FAA aviation rulemaking committees.

William Finden
Managing Director, Oaklands Global

William is the Manging Director of Oaklands Global, a specialist Aviation & Aerospace recruitment consultancy and executive search business. He has over a decade of industry experience and has successfully placed hundreds of professionals across the fixed-wing and rotary markets throughout his career.

Prior to founding Oaklands Global in 2013, William was as a hands-on recruiter focusing on the international Engineering & Flight Crew recruitment markets. Today, other than strategically growing Oaklands Global, William provides consultative services to Clients on overcoming key industry skillset shortages and planning for the future. William is a Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society and Member of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals.

Thomas Flohr
Founder & Chairman, VistaJet

Thomas Flohr studied Business and Political Science at the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, and started his career with computing and finance company Comdisco in 1985. He was appointed European President in 1995, and then Worldwide President of Comdisco (Finance) in 1997. He later acquired Comdisco Switzerland and Germany – now Comprendium Investment SA – before dedicating himself entirely to develop his vision for VistaJet.

Regarded as a pioneer in the aviation industry, Mr. Flohr was the first entrepreneur to offer a flight hour subscription model across an entire fleet of jets flying customers anywhere, and at any time. Since its inception in 2004, Mr. Flohr transformed VistaJet from a European start-up company operating two aircraft into a global leading aviation company with over 70 mid and ultra-long range jets flying between every continent.

In 2016, Mr. Flohr was awarded the prestigious “Aviation Entrepreneur of the Year” award in recognition of his successes and contribution to private aviation.
Thomas Flohr studied Business and Political Science at the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, and started his career with computing and finance company Comdisco in 1985. He was appointed European President in 1995, and then Worldwide President of Comdisco (Finance) in 1997. He later acquired Comdisco Switzerland and Germany – now Comprendium Investment SA – before dedicating himself entirely to develop his vision for VistaJet.
Regarded as a pioneer in the aviation industry, Mr. Flohr was the first entrepreneur to offer a flight hour subscription model across an entire fleet of jets flying customers anywhere, and at any time. Since its inception in 2004, Mr. Flohr transformed VistaJet from a European start-up company operating two aircraft into a global leading aviation company with over 70 mid and ultra-long range jets flying between every continent.
In 2016, Mr. Flohr was awarded the prestigious “Aviation Entrepreneur of the Year” award in recognition of his successes and contribution to private aviation.

Brian Foley
President, Brian Foley Associates (BRiFO)

Brian Foley formed the aviation consultancy Brian Foley Associates (BRiFO) in 2006 to advise in multiple aspects of civil and defense aviation, with a focus on general aviation. Engagements typically include market research, due diligence, expert witness, strategic marketing plans and growth capital raises. Clients include aviation manufacturers, suppliers and service providers, private equity and other consultancies.

Previously he was Marketing Director at Dassault Falcon Jet for 20 years. His career began at Boeing Commercial as a flight test engineer and marketing manager.

He serves on the Transportation Research Board and is a member of the business aviation, helicopter, commercial airline and UAV system subcommittees. Flying since age 16, he holds a private pilot license with an instrument rating.

Mr. Foley holds a dual BS degree in aerospace and mechanical engineering from Syracuse University and an MBA from Seattle University. He completed Wharton’s Executive Education Program in Corporate Governance and is now considering additional board roles.

Johnny Foster
President & CEO, OGARAJETS

John B. Foster, IV (“Johnny”) joined OGARAJETS in 1991 after graduation from Colorado State University. Johnny was appointed President in 2005, followed by full management and ownership in 2013. Since his tenure, OGARAJETS has completed more than 750 transactions, valued in excess of $3.5 billion.

Johnny serves on the board of directors for the National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA) and regularly participates in industry symposiums and panels for NBAA and NAFA. Johnny formerly served on the board for the Georgia Business Aviation Association (GBAA), leading efforts to the development and launch of the GBAA Scholarship Initiative. He recently formed a strategic partnership between OGARAJETS and Aviation Career Enrichment (ACE), an Atlanta-based flight school whose primary mission is to serve its students by providing a positive and nurturing environment to boost academic and life skills through exposure to aviation training. Johnny is a active member of the Southern 7 Chapter of YPO.

Johnny is married to Laura Boone Foster, a life-long friend. They have three children and all are active members of Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church and School. The family enjoys hiking, skiing, running and flying the family Cub.

Bernhard Fragner
CEO, GlobeAir

Driven by the mantra ‘Passion into Profession’ Bernhard Fragner founded GlobeAir in 2007 with the dream to create a new way of travelling in Europe, by applying an air taxi business model to short-haul flights.

Today GlobeAir is internationally recognized as one of the leading private jet charter operator in Europe, with the world´s largest fleet of Citation Mustang jets, 16 in total.

Passionate about aviation, technology and customer service Bernhard Fragner pushes every day his team to new limits, making sure every charter request is handle with extreme precision and care to exceed clients´ expectations.

Since 2008 Bernhard Fragner has become a very active member of the entry light jet community. In November 2011 he joined the Baltic Air Charter Association (BACA) and he became a member of the Council in November 2014. In August 2014 Bernhard Fragner joined the board of directors of the Citation Jets Pilots (CJP) and in 2017 he has been awarded with the prestigious PEGASUS award for his lifetime achievement.

Bernhard graduated as a civil engineer in mechanical plant design from Vienna University and received an MBA in aviation management from the Blue Danube University in Linz, Austria. Furthermore, he holds an ATPL license, including a type instructor endorsement and an EASA FCL type rating examiner authorization. After having worked as a commercial director in industrial plant design for several years he was trained in all EASA post holder management positions at mainly JAAT in The Netherlands.

Stephen Friedrich
CCO, Embraer

Steve Friedrich is the Chief Commercial Officer at Embraer Executive Jets, where he is responsible for the direct management of the global sales organization for new and pre-flown aircraft as well as the oversight of relationships with customers and industry collaborators. With more than 30 years of experience in the leasing and aerospace sectors, his wealth of experience spans across sales, marketing, finance, customer support and services and aftermarket programs.

Prior to joining Embraer, Steve led global sales efforts and marketing activities at Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace Business Aviation as the company’s Vice President-Sales & Marketing. His previous banking and aviation finance experience includes key leadership positions as Vice President at Summit Bank of New Jersey and Assistant Vice President at United Jersey Bank.

Steve graduated with an A.B. in Economics & Business from Lafayette College and received his M.B.A. from the Stern School at New York University.

Philippe Fragnière
Managing Director, Exklusiv Aviation

Philippe Fragnière started his career in Business Aviation in 1994 at ALG Aeroleasing in Geneva and moved on years later to market the international business aviation activities of a large international charter broker. He joined in 2004 Exklusiv Aviation Services (Switzerland) SA to assist private aircraft owners, enabling him to further specialize in the supervision of high value flying assets as well as to direct the organisation of interim lifts and high value charter flights . Philippe and his colleagues priorities are service , transparency and flexibility . “When dealing with any situation at any time a solution will always be found for any issue that arises or is to be addressed”. “Experience and personal skills do prevail when dealing with enquiries or request for services in a fashion that is more than ever essential”.

Steffen Fries
CEO, MHS Aviation

Steffen Fries serves as Chief Executive Officer at MHS Aviation GmbH.
In 2011, Mr. Fries joined the former co-owner of DC Aviation and built up MHS Aviation in Munich, which today manages more than 20 aircraft.

He began his career at Lufthansa in 1990. In 2002, he moved to NetJets Europe as the Senior Vice President for Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In 2008, he joined DC Aviation GmbH, formerly known as Daimler Chrysler Aviation, where he served as Chief Executive Officer since 2009. In parallel he was the Managing Director for Aircraft Asset Management, managing a portfolio of 31 aircraft with an asset value of over USD 250m. From 2013 to 2015 he served as Chief Operating Officer of Fly Victor in London, heading up the sales and operations team worldwide, and returned to MHS beginning of 2016.

He holds a degree as an engineer in machinery as well as an MBA.

Marie-Laure Gassier
Senior Advisor, Executive Officer Jet & Yacht Finance, BNP Paribas

Marie-Laure Gassier is Head of Business Jet financing for BNP Paribas, based in Geneva.

Marie-Laure is a senior finance professional with over 20 years of experience with BNP Paribas in France, Singapore and Switzerland.
Marie-Laure has successfully grown over the last 10 years the business jet financing franchise of the bank for clients private and corporate. Since 2016, BNPP has set up in Switzerland a new platform dedicated to business jets and yachts financing, in order to serve better UHNWI clients.
Based in Geneva, the team is dedicated to providing jets and yachts financing solutions with a bespoke approach to a wide range of private clients. The focus is on transactions from 10 MUSD onwards for new or pre-owned aircraft with a global approach.

BNP Paribas is a leading bank in the Eurozone with a well-recognized footprint in Aviation and Shipping finance globally. Since 1981, the aviation finance department originates, arranges and distributes all types of aircraft financing solutions. With a global exposure in excess of 10 Bn USD and a portfolio of more than 1000 aircraft, the group maintains a prime and leading position in the transportation sector.

Marie-Laure holds a Political Science diploma with major and economics and finance (Sciences Po) and a Master Degree in History from Sorbonne University. She is a regular contributor at some major corporate jets conferences and events.

Sabrina Glimcher
Senior Counsel, Global Jet Capital

Sabrina P. R. Glimcher serves as Senior Counsel for Global Jet Capital, Inc. In this role, Sabrina works with cross-functional teams to originate, document and close complex corporate aircraft financing transactions on the East Coast of the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East as well as inventory redeployment on re-lease or sale. Sabrina also assists in corporate governance, general financing, legal entity management, and a variety of corporate matters.

Prior to joining Global Jet Capital in March 2016, Sabrina served as in-house counsel at Waypoint Leasing, a helicopter lessor, and was in private practice at Jones Day specializing in the representation of airlines, financial institutions, and investment funds in connection with the acquisition and disposition of corporate and commercial aircraft and the related financing and/or leasing thereof.

Sabrina earned a Juris Doctorate from Case Western Reserve University School of Law and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from The Ohio State University.

Sabrina is licensed to practice law in New York, as well as Authorized House Counsel in Connecticut.

Heather Gordon
Chief Legal Officer, Martyn Fiddler Aviation

Heather Gordon is chief legal officer at Martyn Fiddler Aviation. Heather joined the team in 2013 having previously practiced within a leading Isle of Man law firm’s aviation practice since 2007. Heather holds graduate and post graduate degrees in law and studied internationally for her MBA.

Coming from an aviation family, Heather is devoted to the industry and has on occasion been described as a ‘spotter’. Her enthusiasm is translated into her work and as a result she is often asked to speak at conferences and seminars internationally on Isle of Man corporate and aviation matters.

Edward Gross
Shareholder, Vedder Price

Edward Gross has 30 years of experience representing bank-affiliated and large, independent equipment financing companies in all aspects of equipment finance transactions, including documenting, structuring, negotiating, syndicating and enforcing these transactions.

Edward is considered an industry leader in business aircraft and helicopter finance. These transactions vary in structure and include tax and non-tax lease, operating lease and secured loan financing of managed and /or chartered aircraft, fleet aircraft and helicopters operated in various service capacities and engine pools, aircraft operated under fractional and “pay card” arrangements and progress payment, completion and other multi-funding structures. Clients include market-leading aircraft and helicopter financing providers, investors or operating lessors, as well as large publicly or privately held businesses, governmental entities or high-net-worth individual users. Many of these transactions involve foreign registered aircraft.

James Hardie
Director ARINC Direct, Collins Aerospace

James Hardie is responsible for Collins Aerospace ARINCDirect services management outside of the Americas and is based in the UK. ARINCDirect was established in the USA in 2003 to provide direct access for business jet operators to ARINC communication services. Additional services such as flight planning, were quickly established and continue to be developed. He took responsibility for the ARINCDirect business development in EMEA in early 2006 and subsequently in the Asia Pacific region. He has worked with various flight departments around the world providing and developing products and services to meet their needs. Now part of Rockwell Collins IMS division, he has worked for ARINC for over 14 years and has been involved in various projects related to airline and business aircraft operations and communications. He also has a background as a pilot with a CPL(A) and military helicopter experience.

Clay Healey
Owner, AIC Title Service

Profile coming soon.

David Hernandez
Shareholder, Vedder Price

David M. Hernandez is a Shareholder at Vedder Price and a member of the firm's Global Transportation Finance team, whose performance led Vedder Price to be named Aviation 100 Law Firm of the Year 2015. In 2016, David was ranked Band 1 in Private Aircraft (Global-wide) in Chambers High Net Worth, which recognizes the world’s leading high net worth advisers.

David has considerable experience assisting clients with aircraft transactions, complex government investigations, aircraft, air carrier and part certifications, and enforcement matters (FAA and DOT violations, export controls, hazardous materials and drug/alcohol testing). He frequently advises clients on aircraft purchase/sale agreements, leases, fractional program documents, aircraft management agreements, aircraft use policies, cross-border transactions, personal use of company aircraft and regulatory (FAA, SEC and IRS) compliance.

Mr. Hernandez represents a wide variety of clients, including public and private corporations, aerospace manufacturers and suppliers, airlines, defense contractors, airports, corporate flight departments, charter operators and high-net-worth individuals. Mr. Hernandez is also an active member of the National Business Aviation Association Tax Committee and Regulatory Issues Advisory Group.

Prior to joining Vedder Price, David was a prosecutor at the FAA as well as an honors attorney for the U.S. Department of Transportation. He also served in the Office of the Counsel to the President during the Clinton administration and was a Captain in the U.S. Air Force.

Andrew Hillier
Executive Chairman, Dual Asset Underwriting

Andrew is a Chartered Surveyor with over 25 years’ experience in the property industry who has applied his property and business experience to a wide variety of entrepreneurial companies.
His first professional property consultancy in the golf course market has been followed by several successful ventures in property development, consultancy, IT and renewable energy.
In 2013 he co founded DUAL Asset Underwriting which has rapidly become the leading global insurer for legal indemnities. His property expertise and connections bring a unique combination to this exciting insurance business. As well as being passionate about property and creating deals.

Alireza Ittihadieh
CEO, Freestream

Alireza graduated from Boston University School of Management with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and has also attended post-graduate workshops in Business Management at Harvard University. Following graduation, Alireza joined the Republic National Bank of New York in New York City as a Trader. He was rapidly promoted to Lead Trader for the foreign exchange desk reporting to the Head Trader until he left to join The M Group. While there, he continued working as a Foreign Exchange Trader, specializing in Structured Finance Currency Derivatives. In 1992, he founded Freestream Aircraft Limited, where he continues as Director. Freestream Aircraft Limited is a Multi Faceted Aviation Company.

Paul Jebely
Managing Partner, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

Paul serves as the managing partner of the Hong Kong office of Pillsbury Winthrop and as the co-head of the firm’s asset finance practice globally. In 2018 he was named by the prestigious Chambers & Partners as the top business aviation lawyer in world. He has closed over 250 deals, and also overseen numerous repossession, enforcement and other related litigious matters. He primarily serves as counsel ultra high-networth individuals and their business enterprises around the world. He is admitted to practice law in England & Wales, New York and Ontario.

Hugo Jenney
Partner, Tax & Private Wealth, Stephenson Harwood

Heading the firm's tax team for the last 15 years, Hugo is a corporate tax lawyer with significant experience of tax-based structured finance and handling high value tax settlements and litigation. He is a leading tax advisor to shipping, aircraft and rail companies but also advises real estate and investment funds and high net worth families.

Hugo is one of the leading tax advisors to the transport sector having advised the firm's transport and finance client base for many years. During that time he established himself as one of the few authorities on tonnage tax and has advised on more tax-based leases than virtually any other advisor. He also advises on tax structuring of international shipping groups and is an expert on VAT, including on yachts and jets.

Hugo has advised extensively on structuring inward investment into UK real estate. He is a member of the Law Society Stamp Duty Committee and the VAT Practitioners Group.

Through advising owners of various transport-related, real estate and investment funds businesses, Hugo has developed an expertise in advising on asset-holding structures for tax, succession planning and asset protection purposes. This has also involved advising on foreign domiciliary structures and private equity/hedge fund remuneration structures.

Hugo particularly enjoys handling tax enquiries and disputes with HMRC. The most significant enquiries involve very large amounts of tax and require the approval of the HMRC Board and Tax Assurance Commissioner.

He has been recommended in The Legal 500 and Chambers UK for over 15 years.

Jonathan Kenworthy
Group Leader - Sales, Europe, CAE

Profile coming soon

Marwan Khalek
CEO, Gama Aviation

Following a management career in the manufacturing industry Marwan started Gama Aviation Ltd in 1983 in the UK with his business partner Stephen Wright. He has overseen the group’s expansion from its foundation to its current multinational status encompassing many varied markets and areas in the aviation industry. Marwan continues to take a very active and hands on role in all aspects of the group’s development and has also headed the group’s expansion into the US market.

Marwan is both Chairman of the British Business and General Aviation Association (BBGA) and a board member of the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA).

Marwan holds an Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence and occasionally flies the Beech 200.

Anthony Kioussis
President & CEO, Asset Insight

Anthony (“Tony”) Kioussis became President and CEO of Asset Insight, LLC in April 2016, when Asset Insight, Inc., a company he founded, merged with SAI Valuations, LLC. Asset Insight provides valuations, audits, analytics, and consulting services to the aviation industry, and has developed a proprietary Asset Grading System Process resulting in a uniform methodology for evaluating and grading an aircraft’s maintenance condition.

Prior to Asset Insight, he served as VP, Strategic Marketing with GE Capital’s Corporate Aircraft Finance group, joining GE after serving as VP – Aircraft Sales for Jet Aviation Business Jets, Inc.

Following a ten-year tenure with British Aerospace, Inc., where he became VP – Sales, for JSX Capital, the company’s aircraft remarketing subsidiary, Tony founded The K Group, Ltd., providing Marketing, Sales, and Financial Services consulting to companies headquartered in the Americas and Europe. He later joined Jet Support Services, Inc., as Sales Director – Airframe Programs, and developed “Tip-to-Tail”, JSSI’s Airframe Hourly Cost Maintenance Program.

Tony is a published author and active industry association member, serving as the current Board Secretary for the National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA), past Chairman of the Products and Services Member Council for the National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA), and as a Member of the Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) Business Aviation Subcommittee.

He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Florida Institute of Technology’s College of Aeronautics, has completed graduate studies at New York’s Pace University toward a MBA in Finance, and is a licensed pilot.

Richard Koe
Managing Director, WINGX

Richard Koe is Managing Director of WINGX Advance GmbH. WINGX, based in Germany and founded in 2011, provides Business Intelligence for the global private jet market. WINGX researches and tracks market data, from which we build analytics to assist our customers in their decision making. Our customers span the entire industry supply chain, from airports, operators and manufacturers to industry investors and financial analysts. Richard has a background in sales, business development and strategy, in the business aviation sector and previously in telecom and manufacturing industries. He has a Batchelor degree from Oxford University and a Masters from Johns Hopkins University.

Dave Labrozzi
COO, Global Jet Capital

Dave Labrozzi has over 35 years of finance industry experience with GE, having held roles with responsibility in sales, risk management, business development and general management. Mr. Labrozzi spent 22 of his years with GE dedicated to corporate aviation, with the last 15 years leading the company’s financing activity in the sector as president of GE Capital, Corporate Aircraft. He joined Global Jet Capital December 2015 as the Chief Operating Officer. As COO, he is responsible for all commercial customer facing activities including new business originations, underwriting, overall portfolio management and customer service. With a lengthy track record in the sector, Mr. Labrozzi is highly respected as a leader in corporate aviation and has served on the NBAA Associate Member Advisory Council.

Tobias Laps
Vice President Sales, Comlux

After graduating from the University of Stuttgart and the Georgia Institute of Technology both with a Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering Tobias Laps started his career at Jet Aviation in Basel in aircraft completions in 1999 as an engineer. Spending 5 years at Jet Aviation he was promoted to engineering project coordinator after only 6 months and Sales & Program Manager after 2.5 years selling various completion projects.

After that he worked for 4 years at a subsidiary of Saab in Hamburg as a Branch Manager winning customers and growing the business significantly. He then was offered a job at ExecuJet in aircraft sales and later as a General Manager of the Berlin facility. Before joining Comlux, Tobias was recruited as Head of Sales at RUAG in Munich in the area of business aircraft maintenance and refurbishment where he was able to secure large cabin modification and refurbishment projects.

Tobias also holds a Private Pilot License since 20 years and is passionate about aviation. In November 2015 he joined Comlux as Sales Director and today he is Senior Vice President Sales worldwide for all Large VIP Aircraft transactions & interior completion projects.

Mark Leatherbarrow
Airworthiness Inspector, San Marino Aircraft Registry

Mark has been responsible for Continued Airworthiness oversight for over 33 years, 30 years of which were with the UK Civil Aviation Authority as an Airworthiness Inspector and then in the UK CAA Management Team managing Airworthiness Inspector teams both in the UK and globally.
Latterly he has been MD of his small airworthiness consultancy Mark Barrow Aviation Safety Consulting (MBASC Ltd) and has also been proud to be associated with the Airline Registry Group for San Marino and Aruba as a Senior Airworthiness Inspector.

With the Airline Registry Group he is responsible for the Issue and Renewal of Certificates of Airworthiness and Permits to fly , the oversight of both AOC and private operators, CAR 145 Maintenance Approvals, AOG solutions and ICAO Article 83bis arrangements between San Marino and a number of other Authorities.

Mark is a multi type rated aircraft engineer for both fixed wing and rotorcraft and a qualified pilot.

Eric Lewin
Founder, The Law Offices of Eric Lewin

Eric Lewin, the Founder of the Law Offices of Eric Lewin, is a highly experienced attorney based in London. Eric typically acts as transaction counsel or as external general counsel to help his clients identify, define, and navigate the complex legal issues their transactions or businesses raise. Eric's clients appreciate his effective advocacy, insight, and technical competence. They also appreciate his practical approach – one that marries consideration of legal, commercial, strategic, and cultural issues – that he has honed from working both as a banker and as a lawyer with clients and counterparties globally.

Eric was an associate with Mayer Brown in Paris, France, where he represented lenders, lessors, and captive financiers in aircraft finance transactions. He then moved to London, United Kingdom to join Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he was primarily responsible for structuring and executing corporate aircraft finance transactions. Later in London, Eric joined, as its sole attorney, AirFinance Leasing, LLC, a boutique financier affiliated with the Export-Import Bank of the United States, to support the export of qualifying corporate and general aviation assets.

Please visit for more information.

Kelly Lines
Senior Underwriter, Dual Asset Underwriting

Kelly has been underwriting legal indemnity risks since 2005 when she first entered the market and she joined DUAL Asset Underwriting in 2014 as a Senior Underwriter with a predominant responsibility for UK risks.
Since then she has been heavily involved in underwriting and growing DUAL Asset Underwriting’s global title to share and real estate offering across the UK and Europe. Kelly works closely with both our M&A Real Estate clients and has recently underwritten a €2bn title to share and real estate deal whilst still taking a keen interest in English restrictive covenant risks.
Kelly is ACII qualified and a Chartered Insurer and was awarded the Crawford Prize in 2013 for her completion of the ACII with the best result nationally.

Jeffrey Lowe
Managing Director, Asian Sky Group

Mr. Lowe has over 35 years of Engineering, Marketing and Sales experience in commercial and business aviation. His most recent position is as Managing Director for Asian Sky Group & Asian Sky Media in Hong Kong. Asian Sky Group is the largest business aviation consulting group in the Asia-Pacific region with 30 employees & 6 offices. It focuses on both fixed and rotary aircraft and related aviation services. Asian Sky Media annually publishes 10 industry reports & magazines and offers a number of different marketing platforms for clients wishing to increase their brand awareness in the Asia-Pacific region. Asian Sky Group & Media are both backed by SEACOR Capital (Asia) Limited and Avion Pacific Limited and both are designed to capitalize on their shareholder companies’ considerable investments and business development initiatives already in the Asia Pacific region.

Having resided in Hong Kong since 1997, Lowe specializes in the Greater China business aviation market. He first came to Hong Kong as a Director of Sales for Asia-Pacific for the Bombardier Aerospace Business Aircraft Division. He was then appointed Regional Vice President of Sales for Asia by Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation in May 2000 where he was a top sales executive. In 2007 Lowe joined the recently formed BAA Jet Management Limited and was responsible for establishing and expanding its managed aircraft business plus aircraft sales, marketing and project development.

Prior to moving to Hong Kong, Lowe worked in commercial aviation for the de Havilland Aircraft Company of Canada, Boeing Canada, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, the Canadair Regional Jet Division and Bombardier’s Regional Aircraft Division. Lowe began his career as a Ground Test Engineer and then moved into marketing and sales internationally in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
Lowe earned a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto in 1983. He is a Canadian native, married with 2 children.

Chris Mace
Group Commercial Director, SaxonAir

Chris is a founder of SaxonAir and got the business started from his original business plan with financial backing from a local business entrepreneur. Chris started flying from an early age having gained his pilot’s licence at the age of just 17 and has spent 20+ years in the aviation industry. He initially started up a flying school before going on to manage a successful helicopter charter business before finally setting up SaxonAir in 2007. In his spare time Chris enjoys sports, including running, golf and football and loves being in his birth county of Norfolk with the North Norfolk Coast as an absolute favourite.

Alan Mangels
Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Rolls-Royce North America

Alan Mangels was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, and has always been passionate about aviation. Alan re-joined Rolls-Royce in 2018 and is responsible for the marketing, sales, communications and account management of the Rolls-Royce CorporateCare® maintenance program world-wide and the general marketing function for Business Aviation. Alan began his career at Rolls-Royce back in 2004 in its Customer Business Leadership Development Program at the U.S. headquarters near Washington, D.C.

In 2008 Alan joined aircraft manufacturer Airbus’ Miami-based Latin America sales team. Responsible for sales to all the airlines in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay, he traveled frequently to meet with government officials and airline executives. He sold 100 aircraft, worth over $8 billion. Alan also coordinated the delivery of Red Cross relief supplies to the 2010 Chilean earthquake victims, utilizing a new aircraft scheduled for delivery to South America.

Before returning to Rolls-Royce in 2018, Alan worked for Mangels Industrial S.A. in Brazil as Commercial and Operations Director, reporting to the Board of Directors. Mangels Industrial S.A. is a publicly traded company producing manufactured steel and aluminum products. Main products include OEM aluminum alloy wheels for major car manufacturers and propane gas cylinders. Alan now serves as a non-executive board member of Mangels Industrial S.A.

Adel Mardini
President & CEO, Jetex

Adel Mardini launched Jetex in Dubai in 2005, with the mission to create a one-of-a-kind company catering to the needs of high-profile clients in every aspect of private aviation. His business philosophy encompassed delivering individually tailored services, from the moment of departure all the way through to arrival at the client’s destination and beyond, providing a complete luxury travel solution every step of the way.

Today, Jetex serves an elite clientele through its extensive global network of FBOs and ground handling facilities in more than 30 countries worldwide, and employs over 300 staff. The company offers a comprehensive range of international trip planning, ground support and bespoke concierge services, all delivered with a high degree of flexibility and signature personal touch.

Mr. Mardini provides entrepreneurial, hands-on leadership, embodying the spirit of developing a deep understanding of Jetex’s clients, while constantly inspiring the Jetex team to exceed their own ambitions and capabilities. From humble roots through to global success, his visionary stewardship has been a decisive factor in the company’s continuous growth.

A board member of the Middle East Business Aviation Association (MEBAA), Mr. Mardini played a key role in its development. This pioneering body was instrumental in starting a dialogue between airportoperators and the region’s governing authorities. MEBAA has helped shape local regulations to meet with international standards, as well as create extensive business opportunities in emerging markets.
Mr. Mardini is also an active member of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO), a global community committed to a shared mission of becoming better leaders through lifelong learning and idea exchange.

A strong believer in corporate responsibility and giving back to the community, he is involved with numerous charitable activities, including fund raising for the Corporate Angel Network.

Patrick Margetson-Rushmore
CEO, Luxaviation UK

Patrick is Chief Executive Officer and a founding principal of Luxaviation UK, formerly London Executive Aviation. The company is one of the largest business jet operators in Europe with a wide ranging offering of fleets from transatlantic capability to small, executive four-passenger light jets. Luxaviation UK has aircraft bases in the main UK airports and also Athens, Helsinki, Moscow , South of France and Paris. Its client base covers a broad spectrum, including the arts, entertainment and media sectors, as well as government work. The company has won “Best European Charter Operator in Europe” 5 times in the last 7 years. Further information:

Luxaviation UK is part of the Luxaviation Group, the 2nd largest operator of corporate aircraft in the world. The Group manages 270 aircraft under the most stringent safety standards and Luxaviation’s commercial fleet is operated under the regulatory umbrella of 14 regional civil aviation issued air-operating certificates (AOCs). Luxaviation manages 25 world-class FBO facilities and 15 maintenance centres worldwide, certified to work on most business jets. Luxaviation currently employs over 1,700 staff worldwide.
Patrick co-founded Luxaviation UK in 1996 with George Galanopoulos. They initially operated from a post-war hut in Stapleford with one pilot (George) and one propeller-powered aircraft. Patrick joined the aviation industry following a successful financial career in London during the 1980s and early 1990s.

Bruce Marshall
Executive Vice President & General Counsel, AIC Title Service

Bruce L. Marshall joined AIC Title Service as its Executive Vice President and General Counsel in February 2014, helping ensure that AIC’s clients and leadership are protected as they move through unprecedented FAA and industry changes. On August 30, 2017 he was a recipient of the 2017 First Chair Top General Counsel Award. The First Chair Awards is an annual selection of in-house counsel who have, thorough their hard work and innovation, made significant contributions to the legal community nationwide. Bruce was also recognized in the November 2013 issue of D CEO Magazine as one of Dallas-Fort Worth’s top corporate attorneys following his win as Outstanding General Counsel or Chief Legal Officer in the Small Legal Department category at the Association of Corporate Counsel and D CEO’s 2013 Corporate Counsel Awards. Individually a 2011 winner of the General Counsel Forum’s Magna Stella Award in the Small Legal Department category and finalist in the Major Litigation category, Bruce and his team also won Texas Lawyer’s 2013 Legal Department of the Year in the Diversity and Quality of Life category. With over 20 years’ experience in aviation legal matters, specializing in contracts, regulations, and litigation, he previously served as Senior Director and Division General Counsel of Bombardier’s Flexjet fractional aircraft ownership program where he strategically managed two cases challenging state and federal taxes that affected the entire fractional aircraft ownership industry and resulted in the refund of millions of dollars of paid taxes.

Prior to joining Flexjet, Bruce served as corporate counsel and business manager for a charter management company with both Part 135 on-demand air cargo and passenger operations, served as vice president and legal officer for a major financial institution in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and in private practice, he represented banks, construction companies, transportation companies, and employee benefits funds in commercial litigation matters. Bruce graduated from Purdue University and holds a Juris Doctorate degree from the Michigan State University College of Law. He serves as a frequent speaker or panelist at aviation industry events.

Max Maruna
COO & Accountable Manager, Avcon Jet

Profile coming soon

Steve McManus
GE MRO Sales Director, GE Aviation

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Steve is an educated engineer, master blackbelt, working sales professional with a strong background in private, business, and commercial aviation. Having more than 30 years of experience at GE in engineering, customer/product support and sales, Steve’s primary focus is business aviation engine and OnPoint sales and service on GE CF34, Passport and CFM engines powering Boeing Business Jets, Airbus Corporate Jets, Bombardier and Embraer Business Jets within his regions around the world.

As a pilot, Steve comes from a family of pilots and has enjoyed the pleasure and challenges of aircraft ownership as well.

Combining his 30+ years of professional experience with his passion for Aviation, Steve brings a firsthand understanding of business aircraft management and ownership to his customers.

Jay Mesinger
CEO & President, Mesinger Jet Sales

Jay Mesinger is the CEO and Founder of Mesinger Jet Sales, an international aircraft brokerage firm, with 44 years of experience in the aviation industry. Mesinger Jet Sales has modernized the formula for buying and selling aircraft and provides their clients with the best market intelligence for aircraft sales pricing and correct acquisition expectations.

Additionally, Jay was a Member of the Board of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), and the Chairman of the Associate Member Advisory Council (AMAC). He is the first aircraft broker to serve on the NBAA board. His 10-year term was over October, 2013. Jay is on the Customer Advisory Board of Jet Aviation and also served on the Customer Advisory Board of Airbus North America. Jay is also a member of Gulfstream’s “Key Player” team. Jay served on the Duncan Aviation Customer Advisory Board for 2 terms, and is a member of the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA). He is also a member of the Colorado Aviation Business Association (CABA). Jay is also on the Board of Directors of The Morris Animal Foundation.

In addition, Jay regularly speaks at industry gatherings, writes the monthly Mesinger Pulse newsletter (Jay Mesinger’s Industry Perspectives), and started the very first aviation brokerage website over 20 years ago, Jay continues to communicate from the cutting-edge of business aviation through various social networking platforms – blog (, twitter (@jmesinger) and LinkedIn (

Liz Moscrop
CEO, Gearup.Tv

Liz Moscrop is contributing to the “Problem with People” panel in her capacity as President of Women in Aviation, UK.

She is committed to creating a more diverse workforce in our industry, and sits on one of the working groups creating the UK Women in Aerospace Charter. (She will be unable to resist talking to you about this, should you encounter her during CJI). Her day job is CEO of GearUp.TV, a social media video company for the aviation industry, which she founded two years ago. In its short history it has won a Sapphire Pegasus Award, attracted investment and created videos for the world’s top aviation companies.

GUTV came about after Liz spent almost two decades reporting and writing for companies such as the Arabian Aerospace, AIN, Corporate Jet Investor, the Financial Times, Flight Global, The Robb Report, and the Daily Telegraph. She also had a stint editing Inflight Magazine (satcoms and connectivity), and is adept at writing about herself in the third person.

Richard Mumford
Chairman, BACA

Richard Mumford is a Solicitor and Head of Aviation at Stevens & Bolton LLP.

Richard qualified as a solicitor at Cameron McKenna in the City of London and has over 20 years’ experience of regulatory and aviation law.

Richard has a broad aviation practice, acting for airlines, lessors, operators, charter brokers and all manner of maintenance and supply organisations.

Richard also has experience in the financial regulatory sector, having dealt with many high-profile regulatory investigations and handling aspects of the creation of the new regulatory regime following the creation of the Financial Services Authority. For this reason, Richard brings a unique blend of skills and experience to the BACA Council.

In March 2016, Richard took over the role of Chairman for BACA .

Aoife O'Sullivan
Partner, The Air Law Firm

Aoife is one of the founding partners of The Air Law Firm LLP. She is admitted to practice law in Ireland, England and the Cayman Islands. Prior to establishing a boutique aviation practice at The Air Law Firm, Aoife was head of Aircraft Finance at Kennedys Law LLP and previously at Gates and Partners LLP. Her career in London began at Clifford Chance LLP.

Aoife specialises in aviation law. She advises clients on aircraft finance, acquisition and trading and regulatory issues, including corporate structures, aircraft acquisitions and airline start-ups. She advises clients on structures and regulatory compliance when importing aircraft into the European Union and has been a member of various industry lobbying groups in this area.

She is internationally renowned for her work in aviation law and speaks regularly at conferences and industry events. Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine named her as one of the top 10 leaders in business aviation. She is a member of the Board of Aerion Corporation Inc which is developing a supersonic business jet and was a founding member of IIBN, a network of Irish entrepreneurs. She was previously Chair of the European Business Aviation Association finance and leasing group.
• Named in Chambers as a notable and trusted practitioner in Aviation Finance
• Listed in Euromoney’s "Women in Business", best in aviation
• Listed in International Who’s Who of Aviation Finance Lawyers
• Listed as a leading lawyer in aviation by Best Lawyers since 2012
• Listed in Who’s Who Legal
• “Distinguished Individual” by Spears 500 Travel Guide

Aoife is regularly invited to speak at international aviation conferences and events. She writes for and has been quoted in all major leading publications including the Financial Times, BART, Fly Corporate, Airfinance Journal and Altitudes.

Tim Obitts
Executive Vice President of Operations & General Counsel, National Air Transportation Associate (NATA)

Timothy R. Obitts serves as the Chief Operating Officer for the National Air Transportation Association (NATA).

Prior to joining NATA in November 2014, Obitts served as the managing partner of Gammon & Grange, P.C., a national practice law firm specializing in nonprofit and communications law, and also co-chaired its litigation practice. During Obitts' 18 years at Gammon & Grange, he served as corporate counsel and general counsel for many nonprofits and trade associations, handling a wide array of issues that affect their day-to-day activities and also lobbied Capitol Hill and federal agencies.

Obitts earned a Juris Doctorate, cum laude, from California Western School of Law and a Bachelor’s Degree, double major Philosophy and History, from Gordon College, where he also was named All-New England in Tennis, NAIA. Obitts is licensed to practice law in California, Colorado, the District of Columbia and Virginia, as well as numerous federal and appellate courts, and the U.S Supreme Court.
Obitts co-founded several nonprofit organizations and serves on several nonprofit boards. Obitts and his wife of 19 years, Krista, have five children, ranging in age from five to fifteen.

Lisa Peterson
VP Marketing & Digital Strategy, Gogo Business Aviation

Profile coming soon.

John Peterson
VPGM Services and Connectivity, Honeywell

Profile coming soon

Brian Proctor
President & CEO, MENTE Group

Brian Proctor is a founder and President of Mente Group, LLC and has been serving private aviation clients for 10 years. Having been involved in over $3.5 billion in aircraft transactions and over $5 billion in aviation business planning, Brian’s experience is sought by corporations and individuals, worldwide.

After serving for six years in the US Army as an infantry Ranger and intelligence officer, Brian left the military to pursue a career in the private sector. After working at Transamerica Corporation, Mr. Proctor served as consultant, COO and President of CAAP and later Leading Edge.

Brian serves on several industry boards and is involved with the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas. He holds a BA degree in International Studies in Politics and Diplomacy from the University of Richmond and an MBA from Southern Methodist University.

Sara Rosman
Key Account Manager, Avinode

Profile coming soon.

Nicholas Sandler
Executive Vice President & Senior Managing Director

Nicholas Sandler is Executive Vice President and Senior Managing Director at Stonebriar Commercial Finance and Head of SCF Aviation Capital, a leasing and financing platform that provides customized capital solutions to owners, operators, dealers and manufacturers of business and commercial aircraft worldwide.

Previously, Nicholas was a Managing Director at Guggenheim Partners where he was Head of Business Aircraft Investments - a group he founded - and portfolio manager of the Guggenheim Aircraft Opportunity Fund, L.P. He also served as Head of Public Affairs, where he was responsible for the firm’s interaction with government constituencies at the federal, state and local levels, was member of the firm’s corporate credit group and worked on strategic and corporate development initiatives in international markets.

Prior to joining Guggenheim in 2008, Nicholas was an analyst and portfolio manager at a private investment company in Hong Kong. Earlier in his career, he co-founded Public Insight, a policy-focused research firm that serviced institutional investors and was a principal of a Washington, D.C.-based government-relations firm advising Fortune 500 clients and elected officials' campaign committees. From 2002 to 2004, he served as special assistant to former California Gov. Gray Davis.
Nicholas serves on the boards of Epic Aero, Inc., the parent company of Flexjet and Sentient Jet, the Miguel Contreras Foundation and is President of the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation, the official team charity of Major League Baseball’s Los Angeles Dodgers.

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Lasse Rungholm
CEO & Attorney at-law, OPMAS Group

Lasse Rungholm is an aviation lawyer specializing in EU importation and all matters related to EU VAT, duty and aircraft. After graduating in 1993 Lasse focused on Transportation law and spent 6 months in Norway studying maritime law at the Nordic Institute of Maritime Law.

Establishing OPMAS in the early 90's Lasse has gained a lot of expertise in the area of EU importation, customs duty and Value Added Tax, the VAT. As a member of NBAA and EBAA Lasse has been a panelist at numerous different conferences and is a well-known speaker. Articles include review of court cases and new legislation some of which can be found on the OPMAS website.

Lasse maintains a relationship with DELACOUR, which is one of the largest law firms in Denmark. He still handles a few select aviation cases every year before the courts.

Lasse is also a professional pilot with both EASA and FAA ATPLs with multiengine land- and seaplane ratings. He is rated on Twin Otters on floats, the L-29, ATR42/72s and Citation II 550 series and flies them regularly.

Andreas Schild
Head of Business Aviation and Helicopter Financing, UniCredit Leasing Aviation

Andreas joined UniCredit Leasing in 2007 as a key account manager for leasing of mobile equipment and real estates. Andreas moved to the Aviation Competence Center of UniCredit Leasing Holding in 2010. In 2013 Andreas was named Head of Asset Portoflio Management responsible for all assets financed by the structured finance team of the company. He is now responsible for the aviation financing business of UniCredit Leasing Aviation based in Vienna, Austria. The responsibilites of the aviation financing team include transaction structuring, acquisition, monitoring and remarketing of financed Aircraft.

Florent Sériès
Vice President Sales & Markerting, TAG Aviation

Florent Sériès is based in Geneva and is responsible for TAG Aviation Europe’s Aircraft Management, Charter Services and Marketing activities, serving an International clientele. He joined the company in 2010 as Area Sales Manager and became Vice President of Charter Sales for TAG Aviation Europe in 2011. He was subsequently nominated to the position of Vice President of Aircraft Management and Charter Sales in 2014 before receiving promotion to his current role of Vice President of Sales and Marketing in 2016.

Prior to joining TAG Aviation Florent worked as a Contracts Manager with Bombardier Business Aircraft between 2005 and 2007 before joining Vistajet as a senior executive and as Sales Director for Bombardier Skyjet International. Educated as a lawyer he holds degrees from Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis and from Université du Sud Toulon Var in France and practiced law for four years in France.

Harry Shadbolt
Strategic Account Manager, Business & General Aviation, Inmarsat

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Jim Simpson
Managing Director, Aviation/Marine Finance, First Republic Bank

Jim joined First Republic Bank in March 2006 in his current position as Managing Director of Aviation & Marine Finance. Since joining, Jim has built a team that has originated, closed, and funded over half a ($US) billion in aviation and marine secured transactions for First Republic Bank’s high net worth clients. Because of the focus on understanding the client’s business and alternative asset categories, Jim and his team customize the transactions that suit their clients’ specific needs.

Prior to joining First Republic Bank, he was a regional manager for Bank of America Equipment Finance and Leasing where he managed team of 14 professionals and support staff located throughout the Western United States. While at Bank of America, he worked on a variety of aviation finance transactions for its commercial airline and corporate clients. Jim is a pilot who began flying aircraft in high school. He graduated from Boston University where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Finance.

Richard Smith
Director-General of Civil Aviation, Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands

Paul Henry ‘Richard’ Smith has over 40 years in the aviation industry, with experience in both the private and public sectors of the industry; he is a venerable veteran who is well known through the Caribbean region and internationally. His career has been spent working with Civil Aviation Authority (CAACI) of the Cayman Islands with attachments and secondments to international training organizations and a stint with the national flag carrier - Cayman Airways, Ltd., as a pilot.

Noel Trout
Chief Technology Officer, Avinode Group

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Ed Underwood
President, Avsurance Corporation

Ed Underwood, president of Avsurance Corporation, and vice president and risk manager of Avfuel Corporation, has been in the aviation insurance industry since 1980. He holds the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter designation conferred in 1984 and the Certified Insurance Counselor designation conferred in 1995. Underwood received a bachelor’s degree from Colby College.

Prior to his appointment as president of Avsurance Corporation in 1991, Underwood was vice president of the Rockwood Company in Chicago, Illinois.
Avsurance Corporation is a specialty Aviation Insurance Broker and a wholly owned subsidiary of Avfuel Corporation. Avsurance is licensed in all 50 states and places coverage for more than 300 aviation accounts throughout the world. The agency practice includes Part 121 cargo operators, Part 135 fleets, fixed based operators, maintenance facilities, component part manufacturers and more than 200 turbine Part 91 aircraft. Specializing in US registered foreign-owned aircraft.

Steve Varsano
Managing Director, The Jet Business

Steve Varsano founded The Jet Business – the world’s first street-level corporate aviation showroom. His 30-year career in corporate aviation has seen him build a dynamic business in the aviation industry dealing with the most successful entrepreneurs and corporate executives throughout the world, and involved with over 450 aircraft sales to date and in excess of $5 billion. His extensive expertise and knowledge of the corporate aviation jet market has positioned him as an internationally regarded industry authority.

Varsano started his aviation career with the American Association of Airport Executives and as the Special Assistant to the President of the General Manufacturers Association where he oversaw the Statistical Forecasting Committee and the Airport and Airways Committee. He is a commercial-instrument-rated pilot, single and multi-engine. He graduated magna cum laude from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Studies.

Varsano also was heavily involved in the merchant bank/Mergers and Acquisitions sector as a senior Vice President of Triangle Industries and Trian Group, President of the international division of Yorkshire Global Restaurants, Senior Director of Business Development of Yum Brands International and consulted for Grotech Capital Group, Centre Partners and FTI Consulting.

Varsano sat on the Board of Directors for XOJET and Virgin Galactic. He has also served as President and senior executive positions for a number of private equity companies and the companies they controlled in various industries in America, Russia and Europe.

Tom Vice
President & CEO, Aerion Supersonic

Mr. Vice is responsible for all aspects of Aerion’s AS2 design, development, certification, and customer delivery.
Vice joined Aerion from Northrop Grumman, where he served as president of its Aerospace Systems sector overseeing an $11 billion global advanced technology business with 23,000 employees. Aerospace Systems is a pioneer in space-based observatories, satellites, fully-autonomous intelligent systems, combat aircraft, high-powered lasers, and microelectronics.

Previously, Vice was president of Northrop Grumman’s Technical Services sector, a leader in integrated logistics and modernization, defense and government services, and training solutions, with more than 19,500 employees in 300 locations in all 50 states and 29 countries.
Vice joined Northrop Grumman in 1986 as an engineer on the B-2 stealth bomber. Over the span of 30 years at the company, he led nearly every aspect of the business: engineering, program management, advanced programs and technology, manufacturing and operations, supply chain management, business development, and information technology.

Vice earned a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Southern California. He serves on the board of the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum, the board of trustees of the Florida Institute of Technology, the board of councilors for USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering, the board of advisors for Purdue University’s School of Astronautics and Aeronautics, and previously served on the board of governors for the USO.

Shawn Vick
Executive Director and Chairman of Executive Committee

Mr. Vick has over 30 years of experience in the aerospace industry as a senior operating executive and as an advisor to private equity. He has held senior leadership positions at British Aerospace, Gulfstream Aerospace, Bombardier Aerospace, Landmark Aviation, Hawker Beechcraft, and AE Industrial Partners.
Currently, Mr. Vick is a partner and member of the investment committee at AE Industrial Partners, a private equity firm specializing in aerospace, power generation, and specialty industrial investing with over $500 Million in assets under management. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Global Jet Capital, an aircraft financing company with $2.5 Billion in assets owned by AE Industrial Partners, GSO Capital, and The Carlyle Group.
Over the course of his career Mr. Vick has been heavily engaged in restructuring and M&A activities including divesting of Landmark Aviation’s FBO network, the restructuring of Hawker Beechcraft and subsequent acquisition by Textron, and the acquisition of GE Capital’s business aviation portfolio in support of Global Jet Capital’s emergence as a leader in business aviation financing solutions.

Mr. Vick holds a BS from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and serves on the boards of three private companies. He is an active private pilot.

Roland Vincent
President, Rolland Vincent Associates LLC

Rolland Vincent Associates, LLC (RVA) is a consultancy focused on aviation market research, strategy, and forecasting. RVA’s client base includes the world’s foremost civil aircraft and engine manufacturers, aerospace suppliers, aviation service providers, fleet operators, lenders / lessors, and the investment community.

With 35+ years in the aviation industry, Rollie has served as a trusted consultant and at Textron, Bombardier, and ICAO in various roles in strategy, marketing, business development, aviation economics and statistics. Identifying a need for independent intelligence on the state of the business aviation marketplace, RVA partnered with JETNET in 2010 to create JETNET iQ, a respected source of independent market intelligence.

A private pilot, Rollie earned a BA and MA in economic geography and a MBA in international business and marketing from McGill University.

Ford von Weise
Global Head of Aircraft Finance, Citi Private Bank

Ford von Weise is currently a Director and Global Head of the Aircraft Finance Group at Citi Private Bank. The group provides private aircraft financing solutions to individual ultra high net worth clients and their companies throughout the world. Ford's responsibilities and roles while at Citi have included loan origination, product program management, reporting and workouts. The group focuses on transactions typically in the range of $10 to $50 million.

Chris Warton
General Manager Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Business Aviation, Helicopter and Maintenance, CAE

Chris Warton began his aviation career in 1990 as a pilot instructor and has operated various private, commercial and business aircraft. He joined CAE in 2017 and prior to that spent 17 years at Bombardier Aircraft Training.

Previously holding positions as instructor pilot, check airman, Quality manager, Director of Sales, he now is the General Manager, Business Aircraft Training for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia for CAE.

Chris is a veteran is the United States Coast Guard and holds FAA and Transport Canada ATPL pilot type ratings in many aircraft including: Beech 1900, Global 6000, Challenger 605, Challenger 350, Learjet 45, and Learjet 60XR.

Gerald Wiencke
Head of Aviation Competence Center, UniCredit Leasing Aviation

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Graham Williamson
Sonas Aviation
Graham is the Founder and CEO of the recently created Sonas Aviation, a new corporate aircraft management company based in Ireland using the newly created “EJ” registry with an Irish Air Operator Certificate (AOC). Having formed and outstanding launch team, with complimentary skills and a proven track record in their fields, Sonas will deliver unrivalled customer service, safety and operational excellence.
The company will be uniquely placed to capitalize on the possible impact of Brexit and will provided peace of mind for clients seeking predictable solutions for current and future assets.
Until recently Graham was the President responsible for Aircraft Management and Charter Operations for one of the World’s leading Business Aviation Operators. He joined the company in November 2005 as Director of Operations and was later promoted to Managing Director of the newly formed UK entity with additional responsibility for Flight and Ground Operations across Europe. He was subsequently promoted to President Europe in 2009 and in his 14 years with this operator he grew the core business from less than 10 managed aircraft to more than 90 along with helping to create Operations in Hong Kong, Bahrain and Malta.
Prior to joining this company, he was the CEO of a start-up airline in India and in a 35-year career has held Executive posts in airlines in central Europe, the United Kingdom and the Middle East.
He is a member of the EBAA Board of Governors and has been an Accountable Manager for several Airlines and operators.

Mark Winzar
Vice President, Technical Services, Jet Support Services, Inc.

Mark Winzar brings many years of aviation experience to his role as Vice President, Technical Services. He began his aviation career as a helicopter engineer in the UK. He spent eight years specializing in military helicopters with the UK Ministry of Defense. From there, he moved into commercial business before joining the BBA central sales team at H+S Aviation. During this time, he was responsible for generating business on all engine types covered within the BBA group. After four years, Mr. Winzar was promoted to Commercial Manager and was part of the team that set up the new PWC JT15D program at H+S, the company's first fan engine type. He was also responsible for the combined commercial operations of both the Field Service and JT15D programs.

Mr. Winzar joined JSSI in 2009 as a Technical Services Representative and was promoted to Technical Services Manager two years later. Mr. Winzar was integral in setting up the JSSI office in Hong Kong and expanding our business in Asia. In 2013, Mr. Winzar was promoted and was responsible for new business development and Technical Services as Director of the EMEAA region. Today, he is responsible for leadership of the JSSI Worldwide Technical Services Team.

James Zanino
Senior Director, Global Sales, Gogo business Aviation

Jim Zanino is the Senior Director, Global Sales for Gogo Business Aviation managing their international sales team. Prior to joining Gogo in August 2017, Jim was the Vice President of Sales and Customer & Product support for BendixKing by Honeywell where he managed a team who were responsible for the sale and support of the BendixKing line of avionics for general aviation aircraft.

Jim has over 30 years’ experience in the aviation field starting as a Naval Flight Officer for the United States Navy where he was a Bombardier/Navigator in A-6E Intruders. After leaving active duty Jim held various sales positions with Avidyne Corporation and Bose Corporation before joining BendixKing in 2012.
Jim holds a MS in Aeronautical Engineering from the Naval Post Graduate School and a BS in Aerospace Engineering from Boston University.

Very Light Jet sector

The HondaJet is in the Very Light Jet category and, looking at the sector as a whole, we can begin to get an idea about how the pre-owned market might look once there are substantial numbers of aircraft available.

Again using the AMSTAT data, we can see that 10.78% of the global fleet is currently available for sale. This percentage is above the 10% threshold that analysts will define as a “soft market”.

In a soft market there is a high percentage of aircraft available for sale, which drives the sale prices lower. It often also means that an aircraft will stay on the market for longer.

When analysing the market, it is important to understand the imbalance between aircraft ages. Aside from the Embraer Phenom 100, the majority of aircraft in the VLJ sector are at least ten years old. Therefore, the average age of aircraft for sale in this section is 11+ years.

This skewing of data in favour of newer aircraft means that it is impossible to analyse any possible depreciation curve for the HondaJet, as the market conditions for the Very Light Jets were a lot different during their first few years. It is also worth noting that the largest percentage of aircraft currently available in the VLJ sector are the CitationJet and the Citation Mustang, both of which are no longer in production.

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