Honda Aircraft Company launches pre-owned jet programme


Honda Aircraft Company has launched a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) programme, after high demand for new and in-service HondaJets, claims the manufacturer.

To qualify for the accreditation, Certified Pre-Owned, each HondaJet must first pass a full, pre-purchase inspection covering more than 208 points on the aircraft. All HondaJets that meet the certification standards will receive one initial pilot type rating and a Honda parts and service credit equal to six months of either the P2 and P3 maintenance programmes.

All CPO aircraft will also be included on the manufacturer’s FlightReady and Engine Maintenance Care programmes, which are transferable to the purchaser. The programme facilitates direct collaboration with the company’s factory-employed sales professionals who are the foremost product experts on the HondaJet and the light jet market.

The commitment from the beginning of the ownership experience reflects Honda Aircraft’s dedication to customer satisfaction throughout the entire ownership lifecycle, according to the company. Reserved exclusively for pre-owned aircraft that meet our most stringent requirements, the designation of Certified Pre-Owned ensures the customer is receiving the highest quality, most up-to-date version of the aircraft,” it said.

The new CPO programme is available to customers across the Americas, Europe, and Asia through the company’s authorised sales network. Customers can access both the certified and non-certified pre-owned HondaJet inventory on the company’s official website.

Amod Kelkar, chief commercial officer, Honda Aircraft Company said pre-owned aircraft have become an increasingly important entry point for  HondaJet owners. “The CPO programme extends our commitment to excellence to all aspects of the long-term ownership experience and ensures that all HondaJet owners, both current and future, will have the best ownership experience and peace of mind, regardless of their position in the ownership journey,” said Kelkar.

The global HondaJet fleet exceeds 185,000 flight hours and has grown to more than 230 aircraft.

Meanwhile, last month Honda Aircraft Company revealed its plan to launch of the HondaJet 2600 Concept aircraft in 2028.