HNA Group launches e-commerce network for general aviation


The HNA Group has launched a new online network for Chinese general aviation, Air Community.

Air Community is a complete e-commerce platform for general aviation connecting operators with customers. The beta version, number 1.0, is currently available in Chinese and also has online forums for real time discussions between industry experts.

The platform allows for convenient booking and online transactions, incorporating real-time flight information for flight-planning and air traffic monitoring.

This new platform is directed towards all aspects of general aviation including business jets and helicopters.

China is home to 364 general aviation companies with an average asset-profit ration of about 30%. Main reasons for this erratic profitability ratio are high operating costs and China’s air traffic restrictions.

For HNA General Aviation Group, it was evident that China urgently needed to develop a nationwide platform for the industry to integrate resources, and satisfy both supply and demand. The “Air Community” has the largest network of business jet and helicopter charters, industrial parks, and training centres among other services.

This highlights the strong commitment of the Group to further integrate the supply chain and improve services.

According to reports from the Chinese media, the “Air Community” stands as the leading e-commerce platform for general aviation in China. The website is already offering services from its premier network of operators including Deer Jet, Capital Helicopters, Xilin Fengteng General Aviation, Guanchen General Aviation, Hainan Aviation Academy, etc. The website will continue to integrate more services and products from its growing network of operators.

The “Air Community” has proved its potential with bookings of the newly launched helicopter taxi service between Haikou and Xuwen, operated by Capital Helicopters and supported by Hainan Harbour and Shipping Holdings.

The new service shortened travel time between the two cities to 10 minutes, and solves the need of alternative and more efficient transportation in the region.