CJI Awards 2013: Highly-commended business jet financiers


See which business jet financiers narrowly missed out on scooping a prize at the Corporate Jet Investor Awards 2013.

Find out which financiers narrowly missed out on winning an award in 2013.
Corporate Jet Investor awards

For the Corporate Jet Investor Awards 2013, we asked the judging panel to select institutions out of a shortlist of 50. Over 30 of which recieved votes across ten different categories, ranging from ‘Most Innovative Business Jet Finance Finder’ to ‘Business Jet Deal of the Year.’

The following eight financiers narrowly missed out on winning an award:

> BB&T

A new entrant to business jet finance, the bank scored well in the North America, pre-owned and most innovative categories. “BB&T may not be the best known bank but they are great to work with,” said one manufacturer.

> Citi Private Bank

Very strong in both North America and internationally, Citi Private Bank was the runner up in several categories and particularly highly rated by large aircraft manufacturers. With one describing them as: “A great team which is very professional.”

> Element Financial

Manufacturers scored this new entrant to Canada highly.

> Guggenheim

Winner of most innovative financier in 2012, Guggenheim scored highly again in several categories – including Asia and Europe and, perhaps surprisingly, the most innovative category demonstrating its unique offering. “Guggenheim continue to be the most innovative lender out there,” said one panelist.

> Lombard

Although Royal Bank of Scotland sold its commercial aircraft leasing business in 2012, the bank is still very active in business aviation and scored well with several manufacturers.

> Rand Merchant Bank

Rand narrowly missed out to Investec in Africa for the second time, Rand was particularly highly rated for deals outside its core market of South Africa by manufacturers. They said it was confident structuring deals in tough jurisdictions.

> SG Equipment Finance

Scored well in Europe where it is very competitive in both eastern and western Europe. The bank is also increasing its focus on Asia and Latin America. Also very active in helicopter finance.

> Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo focuses on existing customers, but it looks after them very well, and scored highly in North America because of this. “Wells Fargo is very hard to beat when it wants the deal,” says one manufacturer.