Hawker Beechcraft sells ten King Airs to Avion Pacific


Sale worth approximately $50 million and will be a mix of King Air 350i and C90GTx turboprop aircraft

Hawker Beechcraft announced the sale of 10 King Air turboprop aircraft to the Chinese aviation company Avion Pacific Limited. The order is worth approximately $50 million and was announced during ABACE in Shanghai. The King Air 350i and King Air C90GTx aircraft will be used for a variety of missions including VIP travel, pilot training, aerial mapping and weather modification. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of 2012.

“Today’s announcement is a strong endorsement of our King Air aircraft, serving as further evidence of the developing light turbine market in China and of the King Air’s role as the aircraft of choice for market leaders,” said Dan Keady, HBC vice president, Asia Pacific. “As one of the world’s most popular business aircraft, the King Air will prove itself in China as it has in other global markets as the best and most cost-effective light turbine aircraft solution. King Airs are very capable of supporting the majority of regional business travel needs, and they are often a better suited for transport missions than either light jets or mid-light jets. In addition, the King Air’s renowned ability to land on short and unimproved runways further increases their flexibility and versatility. We are confident these aircraft will play an important role in further promoting the development of China’s general aviation market.”     

“Hawker Beechcraft’s range of aircraft is well suited to the Chinese aviation market and we are delighted to purchase these King Airs,” said Wu Zhendong, managing director, Avion Pacific Limited. “As the Chinese business aviation market continues to open up and grow, the versatility, efficiency and reliability of these King Airs will make them an ideal fit for our corporate and VIP clients. In addition, their flexibility for special missions ensures they will be a key part of China’s fleet for the foreseeable future.”