Hawker Beechcraft aircraft selected for flight inspection missions


The Indonesian, South Koreans and Taiwanese governments have selected Hawker Beechcraft aircraft to be used in flight inspection and airways calibration missions

Hawker Beechcraft has announced
orders from the Indonesian, South Korean and Taiwanese governments for aircraft
to be used for airway calibration and flight inspection missions. The aircraft,
a Hawker 900XP, Hawker 750 and King Air 350 will be used in these countries’
providing safe airways and airfields to airlines and other carriers and meeting
the latest international regulations and standards.

“The Indonesian, Korean
and Taiwanese governments recognize the advantages of Hawker Beechcraft
airplanes, not only in upfront and on-going costs, but also in overall
performance,” said Jay Gibson, vice president, Special Missions and Corporate
Government Relations. “The three governments join nearly 30 countries around
the globe that have purchased a total of 100 new Hawker Beechcraft airplanes
for flight inspection and airway calibration missions in the last 50 years.”