Hawker Beechcraft offers digital pressurization on 900XP


Hawker 900XP will have digital pressurization system fitted as standard equipment

Hawker Beechcraft has announced
that a digital pressurisation system is now included as standard equipment
beginning with the 2012 factory-new model of the Hawker 900XP business jet.

“Passenger comfort in the
Hawker 900XP is now fully automatic,” said Ron Gunnarson, HBC vice president,
Hawker Marketing. “Not only will passengers appreciate it, maintenance
personnel will welcome the system’s diagnostics capability and a 94 percent
reduction in components, resulting in easier and more cost-effective service
and maintenance.”

The digital pressurisation
system allows the flight crew to take off, climb, cruise and descend while
having the ideal cabin pressure scheduled for them automatically. This
automated system relieves passenger fatigue associated with abrupt pressure
changes and reduces pilot workload in flight. Pressurisation can still be
controlled manually at any time if desired.