Hawker Beechcraft adds MedAire Services


Hawker Beechcraft is adding MedAire’s Medical Safety Programme to its SupportPlus service plan

Hawker Beechcraft Global
Customer Support announced at the Singapore Airshow that the company will offer
MedAire’s Medical Safety Programme to its SupportPlus service plan for new
Hawker and Beechcraft jet and turboprop aircraft that enroll in SupportPlus.

“Hawker Beechcraft is
dedicated to improving the value of our aircraft by employing products and
services to simplify the ownership experience, reduce operating costs and
increase resale value,” said Christi Tannahill, Hawker Beechcraft senior vice
president, Global Customer Support. “A key component of this value is the
safety and well-being of our customers and their passengers. The addition of
the MedAire Safety Program to our SupportPlus offering helps us achieve this

“Hawker Beechcraft continues
to lead the industry in their commitment to the customer experience,” said
Grant Jeffrey, chief executive of MedAire. “The inclusion of MedAire membership
services in SupportPlus provides owners and their passengers medical and travel
support beyond their aircraft. The ownership experience and value follows them,
even traveling commercially, in the US and abroad.”