Hawkeye Aircraft expands into niche aircraft brokerage for discerning clients


Mike McCraken

Safety Harbor, Fla., September 4, 2018Hawkeye Aircraft Acquisitions announced that they are expanding their service offerings. They will now offer niche aircraft brokerage services as a stand-alone product.

“When we started Hawkeye Aircraft Acquisitions, our intent was to be a buyer’s agent only. After our launch, our clients wanted us to also dispose of their current aircraft and did not want to deal with another third party. We listened and expanded into marketing on a very select basis,” said President Mike McCracken.

McCracken further explained, “Working both sides of the aisle provided us some great insights into the market. We found a niche that appealed to a high-end client base. They wanted a highly individualized sales and marketing approach, not a firm that just lists the aircraft with multiple sales people representing the aircraft. Often the sales person representing the aircraft had never seen the aircraft or did not fully appreciate the unique benefits of the particular plane.“

Hawkeye Aircraft saw an opportunity to expand into that niche market. They now offer both acquisitions and marketing services for discerning aircraft buyers and sellers including high net worth individuals, Fortune 500 companies and private companies.

Mike McCracken has sold new aircraft for 28 years and has a sales career of over 30 years, he knows how to sell the benefits of your aircraft.