Hawkeye Aircraft Aquisitions re-opens as boutique brokerage


A Brazilian-registered Challenger 300 (Photo: J.P. Gosselin).

Hawkeye Aircraft Aquisitions aims to be a highly-personalised business jet brokerage.
A Brazilian-registered Challenger 300 (Photo: J.P. Gosselin).

The Challenger 300 is part of the super-midsize market, which McCracken describes as a sweet spot (Photo: J.P. Gosselin).

Hawkeye Aircraft Aquisitions in Tampa, Florida has re-opened as a boutique business jet brokerage focusing on aircraft acquisitions, marketing and consulting.

After a brief stint in Embraer’s US sales team, industry veteran Mike McCracken has now returned to Hawkeye where he is currently running the company as a one-man show.

“This is a very personalised service,” says McCracken. “I do not have any ambitions of being a major player with 60 transactions a year. Once you get to that level, you phone up your colleague and he doesn’t know the aircraft you’re talking about. ”

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McCracken sees 10-12 aircraft deals a year as a more realistic target for Hawkeye, with a view of growing the company to include up to five members of staff. The company will work across the full spectrum jet spectrum, but McCracken says he sees the mid-size, super-midsize and large cabin jets as the real “sweet spots” in the industry.

Although he was not able to give too many details, McCracken says he is also looking into developing an exciting new part of the business, which he likens to a coaching or mentoring programme for flight departments.

“I’m looking at offering a service that is different from doing a general safety audit, but with the same results,” he says. “We all know that in aviation, there is more than one way to skin a cat.”

With this model, an experienced director of aviation would provide an evaluation that it more detailed and flexible, identifying the areas that are working and the ones which are not, while providing helpful solutions.

McCracken hopes to launch this new service at Orlando’s NBAA 2014 business aviation show.