Hawker responds to customer requests


Company introduces new Premier 1/1A inspection schedules

Hawker Beechcraft Global Customer Support
(GCS) have responded to requests from customers and have announced an increased
inspection interval for Beechcraft Premier I / IA aircraft from a 200-hour
core interval to a 600-hour interval. All new and fielded Premier I / IA
aircraft will be transitioned to the program and benefit from the change.

“Our customers asked us to examine ways to
reduce the cost of operations for their aircraft, as well as increase
availability,” said Christi Tannahill, Hawker Beechcraft vice president, GCS.
“We conducted an in-depth review of warranty and Support Plus data and
evaluated all initial system safety analyses to ultimately exceed our initial
goal and introduce the extended 600-hour inspection schedule.”

The new schedule requires an “A” inspection
every 600 hours and an “A and B” inspection every 1,200 hours. Chapter 12 for
the aircraft has been reformatted to align with the change and all previous
inspection guides have been removed. The new Hawker 200 aircraft will also
benefit from this improved inspection schedule.

Although the core inspection items are set
at 600-hour interval times, there will be minor items that will require action
every 200 hours including engine inspections, some lubrication items and
Chapter 4 requirements. The time required for these items is minimal, allowing
a quick return to service.