Hawker 800XP returns after long restoration


JETS hangar at night

A Hawker 800XP has been returned to service after a 2 year restoration project at JETS Bournemouth.

The company welcomed the Hawker 800XP into its hangar for scheduled maintenance in November 2014. The original work scope included an E and F Check, Double Engine Change for MPI and additional due items.

As the initial inspection on the aircraft progressed, it became quite clear that the maintenance required was a great deal more than initially anticipated requiring a significant increase in projected expenditure.

Following a period of review by JETS and it becoming clear that the operator was unable to fund further work, the maintenance work order was suspended, pending a decision from the operator as to whether additional funds could be found to progress work on the aircraft.

Whilst awaiting a decision from the operator as to the future of the aircraft, JETS adopted a voluntary storage and care program for the aircraft to maintain its serviceability levels relevant to its current inactive status.

A further considerable period elapsed during which time JETS worked with all relevant parties involved in the ownership, operation and maintenance of the Hawker to explore all viable options to return the aircraft to service, however the operator was unable to provide any funding to reimburse JETS for work done and as a consequence, JETS obtained a Court Order to place a lien on the aircraft and protect its position.

A decision was eventually reached to offer the aircraft for sale in an ‘as is where is’ condition.

After some months and considerable effort by the JETS’ team to find an interested party and orchestrate a return to service for the aircraft, a suitable purchaser was identified and discussions began as to the future requirements and operational needs of the aircraft.

Subsequently JETS was requested to advise on and provide a level of work package required in order to return the aircraft back to service for the new owner.

The new work scope included an additional G check, 15 -18 yearly structural inspections and TCAS 7.1 upgrade.

JETS and the new owner worked closely together to ensure the work was undertaken in the most cost effective manner and meet the delivery timelines, including the customer supplying the replacement engines.

Originally operated in the European area, the aircraft will be relocated to Africa to support humanitarian operations for the United Nations in the Middle East, once it has been released back to service before the end of this year – two years after it first arrived in JETS’ hangar for scheduled maintenance.

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