Hartzell developing new composite propellers


DAHER-SOCATA TBM 900s fitted with Hartzell propellers

Hartzell Propeller is developing a new performance-boosting five-blade, swept-tip carbon fibre propeller.

These developments will be featured at the NBAA 2014 convention taking place next week in Orlando. Hartzell is working on several other yet-to-be-announced composite five-blade programmes for turboprop business aircraft.

DAHER-SOCATA’s new TBM 900 features the same Hartzell composite, five-blade, swept-tip props that are available for TBM 700/850 aircraft as a retrofit STC.

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Joe Brown, president of Hartzell Propeller, says: “Aviators will be seeing more of these true composite, highly engineered propellers on additional business aircraft in the future. We are delighted to be able to bring the latest propeller designs to NBAA, where the business aviation community will quickly recognize the performance advantages of the latest in propeller aerodynamics, engineering and manufacturing expertise.”

“These new swept five-blade carbon fiber props by Hartzell Propeller are a great way to quickly increase takeoff, climb and cruise performance, reduce noise and invigorate ramp appeal,” adds Brown.