Happy Design Studio and Air Livery complete a new livery for a BBJ


Boeing Business Jet N737M

Didier Wolff of Happy Design Studio and Air Livery have completed their first collaboration, on a new livery for a Boeing Business Jet.

The new jet was painted at Air Livery’s facility at Norwich. The work has taken 30 months since the first design proposal was presented to the aircraft owner, who has been very involved in the design process.

The final colour scheme is based on the client’s love of the ocean: different tones of blue (six shades in total) underlining the waves, which have been drawn to give the aircraft a longer stretch outlook.

The livery has a complex variation of lines of varying thickness along the fuselage. As the designer of the livery, Wolff had perfect knowledge of the overall design and could adjust each detail, line, curve and proportion to the imperfect roundness of the aircraft.

Air Livery is a refinishing company with extensive experience of repainting all commercial and VIP aircraft from Gulfstream to Boeing 747-400.