Gulfstream recently launched a recycling programme


Aircraft manufacturer recycles 600 tons through new programme

Gulfstream recycle groupGulfstream Aerospace recently launched a
multi-tiered recycling program that has successfully diverted more than 1.2
million pounds of recyclables from the company’s waste stream.

Wood recycling has saved 782,620 pounds from the landfill since November 2010
when the Savannah
based programme was begun. Single stream recycling of paper, metal, plastic and
cardboard accounted for another 433,940 pounds between February to June 2011,
when the program was established at the company’s Savannah
and Brunswick

Prior to February, Gulfstream recycled 23 percent of its municipal solid waste.
By June, that number had climbed to 41 percent. So far in 2011, Gulfstream
Savannah has slashed its landfill waste by approximately one third compared to
the same period in 2010.

“I give credit for the success of these efforts to our employees,” said Brooks
Clark, director, Facilities and Security Services, Gulfstream. “They have been
extremely diligent about recycling since we launched this new program in
February. The introduction of single-stream recycling as well as the ability to
recycle metals, cardboard and a wide variety of plastics have further contributed
to our recycling success. We also encourage employees to bring in their
recyclables from home and place them in specially designated receptacles.”

To further support the company’s sustainability efforts, biodegradable
containers have replaced Styrofoam in all of the company’s cafeterias: four in Savannah and one in Long
Beach. The company also plans to implement single stream
recycling programs at its other sites worldwide.

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