Gulfstream are fully co-operating with crash investors


Gulfstream Aerospace have flight-test and engineering personnel at Roswell helping the NTSB

Gulfstream Aerospace announced it has flight-test and engineering department
personnel on site in Roswell, participating in the National Transportation
Safety Board’s (NTSB) investigation of the 2 April crash of a Gulfstream G650
test aircraft.

Gulfstream have temporarily suspended the flight activities of its four
remaining G650 flight-test aircraft as the NTSB, the Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA), the company and suppliers work together to analyze the
accident. All other certification and production work on the G650 program
continues and all other activities at the company are proceeding normally.

“We are participating fully in the aircraft investigation,” commented Pres
Henne, senior vice president, Programs, Engineering and Test at Gulfstream,
“and will only resume flying the G650 when we and the Federal Aviation
Administration are satisfied it is safe to do so.”

The crash of G650 Serial Number 6002 occurred during takeoff-performance

Serial Number 6002 first flew in February 2010. As of 31 March 2011, the
aircraft had accumulated more than 425 hours of flight-test time, involving
tests of performance and systems. The G650 flight test fleet has accumulated
more than 1,570 flight test hours.

Gulfstream, in consultation with the NTSB, will provide further status
updates on the G650 flight-test program appropriate with the pace of the