Gulfstream G250 completes icing tests


Gulfstream G250 second test aircraft completes natural icing tests

Gulfstream G250 Ice TestsThe second Gulfstream G250 test aircraft has completed the natural icing
tests. This brings the aircraft certification by the FAA and the Civil Aviation
Authority of Israel a step closer. The certification is still expected by the
end of this year.

The aircraft is usually based in Israel
but spent time completing the tests in the United States. The G250 successfully completed the test points
required for certification, including allowing ice to build up on the
aircraft’s unprotected surfaces and then verifying the aircraft’s stability and
control characteristics, as well as evaluating the ice protection systems and
the tolerance of the aircraft after being exposed to icing conditions for 45

The anti-ice system on the
leading edge of the G250 wing was adapted from large-cabin Gulfstream aircraft.
Heated bleed air from the engines is routed to the leading edges to prevent ice

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