Gulfstream G150 receives TCV from Ukraine


Gulfstream G150 aircraft can now be registered in Ukraine

Gulfstream G150Gulfstream Aerospace has received Type
Certificate Validation (TCV) for its G150 aircraft from the Ukraine. The
move allows operators to register the business jet in the Eastern European

“Mid-cabin Gulfstream jets are a popular
option in Ukraine,”
said Larry Flynn, senior vice president, Marketing and Sales, Gulfstream.
“Simplifying the Ukrainian registration process makes an already attractive
aircraft in the region even more so.”

The mid-size jet also offers several options
to improve safety, including an Enhanced Vision System (EVS) II, a full-regime
Automatic Throttle System, a Wide Area Augmentation System-Localizer
Performance with Vertical Guidance, and a flight-data recorder.

The G150 has received type certification validation from Israel, the United
States, Chile,
the European Union, the Philippines
and Canada.

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