Gulfstream sets new city-pair speed records



Gulfstream’s G700 and G600 added four new city-pair speed records following trips made last month between Houston, US and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The twinjets achieved records on both their outbound legs from the US as well as on their return.

On October 23rd, the Savannah-based OEM’s G700 production test aircraft flew the 7,172nm distance in 13 hours and 40 minutes. The trip, flown at Mach 0.87 and conducted using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), was the aircraft’s longest nonstop flight to date.

On the same day, a G600 departed Washington, DC and the flew 6,146nm to Riyadh at Mach 0.88 for a flight time of 11 hours and 39 minutes, adding another city-pair record.

“Gulfstream’s next-generation aircraft truly raise the bar for high performance, innovation and cabin comfort. These city-pair records showcase the ability of our aircraft to help our customers reach their destinations faster,” said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream.

The twinjets set further city-pair speed records on their return trips to the US. The G700 connected Riyadh with Savannah in a record 13 hours and 55 minutes, flying 6,507nm at an average speed of Mach 0.875 while operating as high as 51,000ft at Mach 0.89.

The G600 flew from Riyadh to Teterboro Airport in New Jersey setting another record, flying 5,915nm in 12 hours and 56 minutes at an average speed of Mach 0.85.

Gulfstream is applying carbon offsets to be carbon neutral for all the record-breaking flights.