Gulfstream delivers seven G650s in seven days


G650 (Photo: Alex Henthorn).

After completing a flurry of G650 deliveries in November, Gulfstream looks on track to deliver 45 G650s by the end of 2013.
One of seven G650 deliveries from one week.

An Isle of Man-registered Gulfstream G650 delivered in 21 November 2013 (Photo: Alex Henthorn).

Quarter end and year end are traditionally the busiest times for business jet manufacturers, as they look to invoice as many new customers as possible, by delivering them their shiny new aircraft.

The rush is especially noticeable at quarter end, with relatively few aircraft delivered throughout the quarter, followed by a disproportionate amount of deliveries bunched up in the final two weeks.

The final quarter of 2013 will, of course, be no different, but this year Gulfstream managed to get a head start on those final two weeks, by delivering a total of seven G650 private jets in a seven-day period in the middle of November. This figure is all the more impressive when you realise that Gulfstream had completed two G650 deliveries up until that point in the quarter.

Gulfstream G650 (Photo: Alex Henthorn).

A Gulfstream G650 delivered to Baltimore on 18 November 2013 (Photo: Alex Henthorn).

The 15 November saw Gulfstream reach a mini-milestone, delivering the first G650 into Latin America, with msn 6031 / N606SA going to Colombia’s Groupo Aval Acciones. The aircraft, which joins a 2012 build G550 msn 5380 / N506SA, will be based in Bogota.

The 18 November saw two G650 deliveries, with msn 6054 / N650GL being registered to a Trustee and delivered into Baltimore. The second delivery on the day saw another G650 heading to the Middle East, with msn 6037 / M-USIK being registered to YYA Aviation in the UAE. YYA Aviation also operates a 2005 build Global XRS msn 9165 / M-ARSI on behalf of the Cairo-based Orasom Group, so it’s currently unclear where the aircraft will be based.

The next day saw another two G650 deliveries, but this time both to US-based operators. Msn 6042 / N28LL was the first to go, making the hop to Teterboro, while msn 5050 / N650PR dropped in on Bradley first to complete paperwork before heading off to Bedford to join the Prem Rawat Foundation.

The second of seven G650 deliveries in November 2013.

An Isle of Man-registered Gulfstream G650 delivered in 18 November 2013 (Photo: Alex Henthorn)

The 21 November saw Gulfstream rounding off a spectacular week, by delivering yet another two G650 aircraft. Teterboro-based msn 6051 / N650TP was the first of these, while msn 6047 / M-KSSN was handed over on the same day, but left on its delivery flight several days later, arriving at Ronaldsway on the Isle of Man on the 25 November for paperwork sign off and further delivery.

Including these latest deliveries, Gulfstream has now shipped 45 G650s, with 39 so far in 2013. Despite deliveries only beginning in December 2012, two G650 owners have already sold – or ‘flipped’ – their aircraft for over $70 million, with Freestream Aircraft arranging the sale of a G650 belonging to Bernie Ecclestone’s wife and The Jet Business brokering the second G650 sale to a Japanese investment company earlier this month.

Gulfstream may well have set its sights on 45 G650 deliveries for the year and if this is the case, it will be well and truly on track.

An aircraft delivered amongst a flurry of G650 deliveries in November 2013.

A US-based Gulfstream G650 private jet (Photo: Brett M. Wyman).

The current list price for a Gulfstream G650 is $64.5 million with the next available slots for delivery in 2017. You can also use BizJetBlogger’s G650 delivery tracker to follow the latest G650 deliveries.