Gulfstream G600 progressing towards first flight


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SAVANNAH, Georgia, October 31, 2016 — Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.’s all-new Gulfstream G600 continues to progress toward its first flight.

The first G600 test aircraft has been delivered to the Flight Test Center in Savannah for instrumentation and has completed ground vibration testing. Four additional test aircraft, including one that will be outfitted with a full interior, are in various stages of production, ranging from fuselage joining to systems testing. The G600 structural test article is complete and that testing has begun.

“We are moving steadily toward the first flight of the G600 on all fronts,” said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream. “We’ve accomplished several milestones, including producing the first aircraft, installing flight-test instrumentation, powering up the aircraft and conducting ground tests. All of the lab testing we’ve done has met our expectations and helped prepare us for a successful flight-test program. We’re looking forward to seeing the G600 in the skies over Savannah soon.”

More than 55,000 hours of testing have been completed in Gulfstream’s state-of-the-art lab facilities, which include a Systems Integration Bench, cabin and flight deck Integration Test Facility (ITF) and Iron Bird for both the G600 and its sister ship, the G500. The G600 Iron Bird completed its first flight earlier this year.

Common technology developed for the G500 and G600, including the Symmetry Flight DeckTM and other systems, will allow the G600 flight-test program to capitalize on the work being accomplished as part of G500 flight test. To date, the five G500 aircraft flying in the program have completed more than 1,750 hours of testing.

In addition to the ground testing and first flight preparation, Gulfstream recently finished touring the United States with the G600 cabin and flight-deck showcase. The showcase gave customers the opportunity to experience the comfort and flexibility of the G600 cabin in real time, as well as provide valuable feedback as the company works to bring the G500 and G600 into service.

The G600 can travel 6,200 nautical miles/11,482 kilometers at Mach 0.85 and 4,800 nm/8,890 km at Mach 0.90, and its maximum operating speed is Mach 0.925, the same maximum speed as the Gulfstream G650 and G650ER. The aircraft share many of the same amenities inside the cabin, too, including four living areas, the largest windows in business aviation, the lowest cabin altitudes in the class and the quietest sound levels. The G600 is projected to enter service in 2018, ahead of schedule.

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